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Sugardaddie.com, serving the affluent and attractive for almost 12 years


Hardly a day goes by when you don’t see a television talk show host mentioning the Sugar daddy dating phenomenon. The original and arguably the most popular dating site of the Sugar daddy theme is still going strong. Technology continues to re-invent itself and the applications that can be used to enhance one’s Internet experience continue to amaze me. I am seeing new smart phone apps available almost everyday that makes the online dating experience accessed from a phone almost as intimate as from your home PC. It makes me wonder where the online dating sites will go from here.

The reasons for joining an online dating site such as Sugardaddie.com are becoming abundantly clear. With an increasingly uncertain economy and the looming threats of government shutdowns, forced health care plans and rising costs of education many attractive women have turned to dating in order to be able to not only live an above average lifestyle but for survival as well.  The majority of the men they date are more than happy to foot the bill for many of life’s necessities in return for the company of an attractive woman. The question then becomes is this type of dating moral or merely intelligent and attractive woman being much more selective in whom they choose to date?


As stated by many men and women who have gotten together through sites like Sugardaddie.com, is it not typical that people engaged in some type of relationship assist one another as they see fit? Don’t less affluent couples help one another through the more difficult times in their lives? Of course they do, its wrong that people be branded solely because of wealth or looks, after all they are doing the exact same thing that the average dating couple may do.

It’s just as easy to fall for a rich man or an attractive woman, as it is to fall for a person of more average looks and wealth. Sugardaddy themed websites merely make it much more efficient for those who choose to be more selective in their dating criteria to find exactly what they are looking for. There is no pretense on these websites, the members know precisely what they are looking for and any expectations are recognized.

Almost 12 years ago Sugardaddie.com recognized a need to create a venue for men and women who desire to live an above average lifestyle.  They created a dating site in which they could meet, interact decide if their wants and needs were complimentary. Since then many sites have tried to emulate this one, but it’s always nice to dance with the girl that brought you!



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Why Sugarbabes should watch the financial news.


A Sugarbabe’s knowledge of current events and daily changes in the stock market are more important to her bottom line than ever before. A Sugarbabe’s lifestyle is for the most part, dependant upon the financial success of her Sugardaddy and it is more than likely that his attitude will be affected by the ups and downs of his portfolio.

Let’s assume that an attractive young woman wants to ask her Sugardaddy for a new car or a trip to Las Vegas, her timing of posing this question to him is crucial if she wants to have him respond positively. Ask him one day when he has possibly lost a small fortune because a stock he has a large position in has fallen dramatically, and the odds are pretty good that the only thing she will be getting is an eviction notice.

If this same attractive woman, watches the stock market and pays special attention to those stocks and investments that her Sugardaddy is heavily invested, she can pose this same question to him and he may comply happily. It’s not hard to watch the evening news or take a peek on the Internet to find this important information and it may also show your Sugardaddy that you take an interest in his work and are trying to learn for you own future. Nothing makes a mentor happier than seeing his protégé utilizing the tools he has bestowed upon her. You may even find yourself the recipient of a small stock market account of your own to work with.

It’s not enough to merely be “arm candy” any longer. The Sugarbabe of today must be reasonable educated, slightly refined and above all have enough common sense not to bit the hand that feeds her. Asking for extravagant gifts when your benefactor’s net worth has just taken a hit is the kiss of death. Be patient, listen, and learn to read the stock market and other financial barometers, and you will not only find yourself gaining popularity among both your Sugardaddy and his inner circle, but you will more than likely be dressed and bejeweled in new and elegant designs and riding the financial trends like a seasoned wall street guru!

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Sugardaddies of the world unite!


It is not our job to solve every single problem for every girl we may come to know. It is well within our right to pick and choose who we assist and in what fashion we will help, whether it’s financially or merely emotional support. This may seem to some a bit harsh, but I have come to realize that at some point the return on our good natured friendship is not worth the effort we put out. How often have we offered to help, with no expectation of anything in return, only to have that person take advantage and rely on us for every little thing. Its ok, to help but when you start dreading that person’s phone calls, its time to put a stop to it.

Last night I had the displeasure of listening to a friend who is going through a difficult time. This person is extremely attractive, yet has had a self brought on run of bad luck, much brought on by a poor choice of friends and alcohol. I recently made a well thought out decision to remove all individuals who detract from my happiness, and concern myself more with those who add to my enjoyment of life and to find others that are without enough previous baggage to make the bellhop at the Palms think twice if the tip is worth it.

To all Sugar daddy types in the world, we are good people, but we are not morons. We are in this lifestyle not only because we enjoying helping others, but because there is usually something in the deal that makes it worthwhile for us, emotional or physical. When the Sugar daddy relationship becomes a drain on our existence it is time to move on. This is usually a great time to take time for you. Re-evaluate what you want out of life and what makes you happy. Re-design the strategy that you feel will allow you to achieve your goals. There will always be attractive young women, but there is only one you! Whether its time to lay back and smell the roses or tackle some project that you have been putting off for too long, the time you give others is time you will never get back, so if it’s that relationship has become not worth the time and effort spent on it, give that time to the most important person in your life…YOU!

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Friends hostile takeover attempt.


How many times have you gone out to dinner with one of your Sugar babes and taken along one of your friends as sort of the third wheel. Everything seems harmless enough but your friend starts acting a bit strangely and begins offering a few tidbits of information that you would have preferred your date not know. Keep a close eye on your friend when this begins to occur, as what will most frequently follow is not going to be pleasant! Notice that your buddy will begin a prolonged stare at your Sugar babes when he starts divulging this information, and that the information has now begun to minimize your accomplishments while maximizing his own. The writing is now on the wall; your so-called friend is making a covert play for your date. This happens a lot more frequently than you might suspect, and although most of the time it is done without your friend realizing he is doing it, (even good friends might do this unconsciously, but they will quickly snap out of it and back into friend mode), however, not so good friends have made a direct attack on your territory. This can never be tolerated, and you must nip it in the bud, causing as much pain and suffering upon the intruder as is possible.

If the young lady you are with, is very intuitive, she will pick up on this very quickly, and if she is truly someone that wants to be with you she will shut him down in a heartbeat, if not, you may want to cut the evening short, permanently drop off the lady, and crack your former friend in the mouth with a roll of nickels. If the lady is not perceptive enough to pick up on this behavior then you must take this matter into your own hands. Remember that this woman is with you. You are her current Sugar daddy, and as such she will have placed some matter of faith and confidence in your abilities to be the alpha male. To do this you must take every unsavory comment your friend discloses and turn it into a joke, trying your best to make him the punchline. It’s always good to show him as the womanizer he obviously is by mentioning his past conquests, this gives him the impression you are bragging about him but from a woman’s view point, this may have a negative effect, as she would think he is playing her as just another conquest. After talking about these past indiscretions, if he is not properly reduced in attitude, you may follow it up by saying “ so, how’s that last round of antibiotics working for ya”? Isn’t life grand!

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Considerate and thoughtful Sugar daddy


How many of you guys out there have been in the unenviable position of having to pick out a birthday present for your Sugarbabe with a relatively short amount of time to get it and almost know input form her or her friends. What makes this situation even more tenuous is that if you don’t choose wisely, you will invariably pay the price for some time to come. The absolutely worst thing you can do is to actually ask your lady what she would want for her birthday. This translates into “women speak” that you do not know her well enough to choose or are too lazy to give it any thought. If you do ask her what should would like as a present, she will almost always say, “I’m sure you will pick something wonderful” or “Just make it a thoughtful gift”, you lose in either case unless you can come up with something so unique and unexpected that her friends will tell her how lucky she is to have such a considerate and thoughtful Sugar daddy.

The key to avoid any major conflict is to get her both! The expensive gift tells her she worth every penny, and the unique gift which displays your willingness to think outside the box. If you work it correctly, you can almost get two for the price of one! Jewelry is always difficult unless you are absolutely sure of what she wants. What you can do is make a day of her present by first taking her for a spa day for the both of you. This shows her that you are willing to take part in things that she holds as important. This doesn’t work out as well if there is a major sporting event or a new episode of Sex In The City airing that day. After the spa you take her for an incredible lunch at her favorite bistro and then comes the big finish, you take her to a pre-selected Jewelry store at which you have pre-arranged to have several items you are interested in displayed for her selection. In this way you have now showed your taste and sophistication, yet having spoken to the manager in advance you will still be within a specified price range. This does not work if her friend works at the jewelry store. If you choose such a situation you deserve to be taken for an additional several thousand dollars.

There are many variations of this tactic for anyone’s financial status, but no matter what you decide, by taking some of this advice and having your Sugar babe see that there was a genuine effort made, (ok, so it only took an hour to set up!) you will avoid any interruption in the blissful status of your Sugar daddy relationship. You will however, more than likely get an ugly tie, or a gift certificate to HER favorite restaurant for your birthday, and it’s even more likely it will be charged to your credit card. Isn’t’ life great!

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3 ways to lose a Sugar baby


I spend quite a lot of time telling everyone how wonderful it is to be a Sugar daddy and how to find and keep an attractive young woman, but what I rarely tell people is how to lose one. First let’s understand this; there is the intentional method of freeing yourself from a relationship and losing a girl due to your own misunderstanding of what it takes to be a Sugar daddy. Intentionally doing inappropriate things in an attempt to get a young lady to break up with you is wrong. Honesty is always the best policy and if a relationship is not working out, than be man enough to sit down and explain why it can’t go any further. Anybody can be a moron, even someone with substantial wealth, but a Sugardaddy is supposed to be a person who will lead you in a better direction, nobody ever claimed it would be with him, but you should at least be a man of class and respect.

Next, we can get on with the unintended reasons that will drive your Sugar baby away. Not taking care of your appearance is a primary method that will surely make a single woman think twice about being seen with you. If your weight and personal hygiene are not where they should be, you are showing a lack of respect for yourself and thereby an inability to care about your woman. You need to display that you are concerned about your appearance and hers as well. This is also a good method of seeing your woman naked; just place your scale in the bedroom as we all know that there is not a woman alive who will weigh themselves fully clothed!

Lastly, losing all your money will surely push a Sugar baby to find her ‘sugar’ elsewhere; after all, being a Sugar daddy is all about an upscale lifestyle. If you can’t provide her with that affluent standard of living, someone else probably can. Remember that old adage, “Men are like bank accounts, without a lot of money, they don’t generate much interest!

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Sugar Daddy Relationship


Sometimes it amazes me how many of my friends who envy my Sugar daddy lifestyle seem to think that I just go out to a bar at night and pick up a young and energetic attractive woman and ‘poof’, I am now involved in a Sugar daddy relationship. These are also the same people who told me to buy all the real estate I could get, just two short years ago! To them I politely say, “so how’s that working out for ya!” When searching for a Sugar babe, you are actually looking for someone to spend time with, as much as we may hope, the entire world does not take place in a bedroom, ok…a lot of time yes, but not all the time. So, for this reason, you may want to find someone who is not only aesthetically pleasing, intelligent, but has some similar interests.

I love the ocean; I love everything about it, from surfing to scuba diving. For me, it is vitally important that I find an attractive young lady who enjoys this as well, especially since so much of my time is spent in aquatic pursuits. Now here’s the news flash, there are great single women who enjoy the same things I do! So, why should I spend my time searching the night spots, when I can find someone during one of my adventures, who I can relate to better? Being a Sugar daddy is not about sex, its about experiencing new and exciting things. If I meet a pretty, athletic girl along the beach in South Florida, think about the fun both of us can have on the beach during a weekend in Cancun!

Although a Sugar daddy relationship quite often suggests a financial arrangement with younger attractive ladies for the purpose of showing them a more affluent lifestyle, there is always the possibility that more a traditional relationship would be welcome well. Because this is always a possibility, I try to associate with single women that share common interests and may just need a bit of push or assistance in moving ahead in life. Depending on your mood, you may prefer the woman that you have little in common with, she would however not be a Sugar babe, she is known as a one night stand.


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