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Why Sugarbabes should watch the financial news.


A Sugarbabe’s knowledge of current events and daily changes in the stock market are more important to her bottom line than ever before. A Sugarbabe’s lifestyle is for the most part, dependant upon the financial success of her Sugardaddy and it is more than likely that his attitude will be affected by the ups and downs of his portfolio.

Let’s assume that an attractive young woman wants to ask her Sugardaddy for a new car or a trip to Las Vegas, her timing of posing this question to him is crucial if she wants to have him respond positively. Ask him one day when he has possibly lost a small fortune because a stock he has a large position in has fallen dramatically, and the odds are pretty good that the only thing she will be getting is an eviction notice.

If this same attractive woman, watches the stock market and pays special attention to those stocks and investments that her Sugardaddy is heavily invested, she can pose this same question to him and he may comply happily. It’s not hard to watch the evening news or take a peek on the Internet to find this important information and it may also show your Sugardaddy that you take an interest in his work and are trying to learn for you own future. Nothing makes a mentor happier than seeing his protégé utilizing the tools he has bestowed upon her. You may even find yourself the recipient of a small stock market account of your own to work with.

It’s not enough to merely be “arm candy” any longer. The Sugarbabe of today must be reasonable educated, slightly refined and above all have enough common sense not to bit the hand that feeds her. Asking for extravagant gifts when your benefactor’s net worth has just taken a hit is the kiss of death. Be patient, listen, and learn to read the stock market and other financial barometers, and you will not only find yourself gaining popularity among both your Sugardaddy and his inner circle, but you will more than likely be dressed and bejeweled in new and elegant designs and riding the financial trends like a seasoned wall street guru!


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