Cougars: Approach with caution


Women Cougars scare me

For those of you not familiar with this term, a cougar is not just a wild animal found in the high deserts of the western United States, it is a vile and vicious creature whose range includes every night club and fine restaurant worldwide. This type of Cougar is usually a woman in her 40’s and older who has a sexual appetite for younger men. She may stalk her prey by using her vast experience and possibly wealth to lure young men into compromising situations. Many compare her to what is commonly referred to as a Sugar daddy, but this is an unfair comparison as studies have shown that the cougar is much more likely to conquer and move on. The Cougar in part is looking to regain some fragment of her youth by reliving pieces of it. This woman is also quite wealthy and influential, and thus may also be looking to exert power or control over someone who can be easily influenced. This is quite often the result of having been dominated herself as a young girl.

In the famous movie starring Dustin Hoffman as a young man, called “The Graduate” we could see a Cougar at work in the form of Mrs. Robinson” played by Anne Bancroft. She is the wife of Hoffman’s father’s business partner who has a fondness for young men. As in the movie, such affairs can, and usually do become complicated when the younger man falls for someone closer to his own age. The Cougar usually does not deal well with disappointment as control is a major portion of her relationships. There are exceptions made for Cougar relationships, such as if the cougar is a former supermodel who still looks like she could grace the cover of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, but these exceptions are few and far between. So, all you young men who may be reading this blog, beware t hose cold rainy nights, when the wind is howling and you are chilled to the bone. If you happen to glance up and find yourself in front of a Pub with a neon lights flickering like the aurora borealis, don’t give in to the temptation of warming yourself with a quick shot of bourbon; keep walking as you have found the lair of the Cougar!



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4 responses to “Cougars: Approach with caution

  1. Mia

    I hope I don’t become a cougar-yikes!

  2. A friend of mine used to refer to the male equivalent as “mammoth men,” and even developed a mammoth man dance. It was like a if Elaine Benis and John Travolta joined together in an unholy union to visually assault everyone within viewing distance.

    Anyways- Right now I’m 21, and have a minimum dateable age of 27, but I’m pretty sure once I hit my 40’s I’ll flip into cougar mode. I still have a good two decades of my cradle being robbed.

  3. Cougars scare me too. One was aggressive the other night at a bar. She even offered me a ride on her yacht. Haha

  4. wittybizgal

    I’ll be 46 this summer and I don’t get the whole Cougar trend–I really don’t. If two people meet and sparks fly, and there happens to be an age difference, then great. Good for them, I’d say, because it’s hard enough to find happiness in this world and sometimes you can’t really pick who you’re going to love. But, women my age going after young guys consistently and on purpose? I had no luck with 25 year old men when I WAS 25…why would I want to put myself through that again? lol No offense to young guys, of course, but to me they are son and nephew material, not potential dates.

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