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Life Carries On

OK, going a bit off topic today as the birds are singing, the sun is shining and all is well with the universe. Today the autumn winds are blowing with just a hint of chill in the air and I feel great! Today is a great day to take note of the wonderful things that are going on including my continuing ability, despite the current economic downturn to maintain my role as a Sugar daddy to a few of the most wonderful Sugar babes a gentleman could ask for. Another notable event happened today that I feel obliged to discuss as I’m sure this phenomenon has happened to both men and women, and will undoubtedly continue to be a uplifting experience each and every time it occurs.

I was walking down the aisle in my local gourmet grocery store today, noticing all the wonderful fruits and vegetables, (ok, I am using this as a pseudonym for hot chicks!), when I happened to do a double take at a woman who was struggling with two of the most obnoxious children I had ever seen. As I got closer, she began to look familiar and then in a flash, I realized it was an ex-girlfriend that I used to die for! I’m talking this woman could draw a crowd wherever she went, and men would keel over if she paid them the time of day. This was the woman who had totally trashed me as another guy had offered her the bigger and better deal.

Well, to make a long story short, she evidently had married this man and things didn’t exactly turn out as she had hoped. In addition to the evil children, her looks began a very premature fade to the dark side as she looked 10-15 years older than her true age, and her figure had now deteriorated to the point where the strings from the tiny thongs she used wear on the beach would probably get lost in the flab around her waist. Being the gentleman that I am, I noticed her again at the checkout counter, (the fact that I had just come from the gym and still had a bit of pump going had nothing to do with my actions….not much!!) and offered to help her out to the car while catching up. The amazing thing is that she still had that arrogant air about her, which now only made me smile. I waved goodbye to her and the kids as they entered her dinged and rusty mini van making sure she observed my shiny new Mercedes. Yup, like I was saying, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and it’s just a great day to be a Sugar daddy.



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A Sugar daddy by any other name

I was recently out at my favorite upscale watering hole, and while waiting for some close friends to arrive I struck up a conversation with the gentleman who was standing to my right. He seemed nice enough, in his mid to late 50’s grayish whiskers but very neatly trimmed. Over a few martinis we began to speak of all manner of topics and it wasn’t long before the dialogue turned to my favorite subject, “Sugar daddy”. I had told him how my lifestyle had changed over the past ten years, from middle income to a good amount of disposable income, all from a little business idea I had while reading Entrepreneur magazine one day after eating some very bad fish tacos, thus requiring a lengthy stay on the porcelain throne. The man seemed generally interested in what I had to say and then began to ask questions. He asked “of all the women you have dated, is there one that stands out from the rest?” “Is there one woman who would have been with you even if you didn’t have such wealth?” I stood a bit straighter and looked at him in amazement, “how did you k now” I asked? He then explained to me how most men have that one girl in their lives that started them on their journey and for some silly reason we let that one get away. For some men, being a Sugar daddy is all about having control over another to compensate for a lack of control somewhere in their past. The true Sugarbabe is not an escort; she is merely someone who doesn’t need to dominate a relationship but merely enjoys the company of their benefactor and may agree to relinquish some control for a number of reasons.

The conversation continued for a while longer and this very nice gentleman began to tell me how he had created and sold several businesses, and how his life had been ruled by his need for power, control and wealth. This unfortunately had cost him his wife and children and although he made ungodly money, it wasn’t worth his two heart attacks. He then suggested I don’t flaunt my wealth or try to exercise undo control over the women I date, to enjoy the moment and play a role to make others feel important as well. This man whose net worth must have been substantial was now imparting upon me some incredible wisdom, on life the universe and everything. Life is series of events that you have complete control over your own actions, you need only think of how this affects others.

As my new friend kept glancing down at his watch, I noticed a spectacular Lamborghini Gallardo pull up to the valet and an even more spectacular woman in her mid thirties step out from behind the wheel. I watched as she bypassed the line to get inside and then just nodded in my direction, my new friend smiled and reminded me of our conversation and then met the women halfway and embraced her. He then entered that fabulous vehicle from the passenger side and they were off. As I pulled out my credit card to get the bill, the bartender waived me off and told me it’s covered. I then asked who that woman was? He replied, you should know, you are drinking in one of her restaurants. Ya just never know.


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Boot Camp for Sugardaddies

I am getting so sick and tired meeting women in hopes of finding that special person, only to email them and in return I get a list of demands! I can understand politely asking what their allowance may be or some ‘let’s get acquainted’ requests, but these are outright commands. After all, I am the one who busted his tushy for many years to achieve an affluent lifestyle and some disposable income. The funny thing is, that I don’t blame the women who are making such outlandish requests as much as I blame the men, who in the past have given in to every pretty face that shows some interest. Being a Sugar daddy is fundamentally about influence and the ability to demonstrate for another a better than average way of life. If all I wanted was a woman to make demands of me and tell me what “SHE” wants in return for companionship, I would have been better off getting married!

I say this with all manner of respect to all current and potential Sugardaddies, although this is a mutually beneficial relationship, there is a far greater number of attractive women in the world than there are millionaires, and as such you need to be a bit more assertive, after all, you have the far rarer commodity. I quite often feel like running a boot camp for Sugardaddies in order to enlighten them as to proper procedure and protocol when having a dialogue with a potential dialogue. If an attractive woman immediately asks you for financial assistance without actually sitting and getting to know you, a red flag should up and you should walk, no RUN to the nearest exit. For the prospective Sugarbabe, if a gentleman immediately begins negotiations in order to coax you into his boudoir, this too should be a warning for you to choose another Sugardaddie.

A Sugar daddy and Sugar babe arrangement is a comprise, and while this is a quid pro quo scenario, it is not something that you can get merely by a quick stop over to the ‘Bunny Ranch’ during your next trip to Las Vegas. This relationship is so much more than a financial arrangement. It should actually be a caring relationship which allows both individuals to grow and experience new and exciting things. The financial aspect is only important if there is a greater amount of respect and understanding.


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A Sugar daddy in the land of the BBW

A Sugar daddy by definition is a man of wealth and influence who is at a stage of his life in which he can fund the way of life of younger attractive women who are at a lower level of the great wealth pyramid. So, basically what we are saying is the guy with the coins is calling the shots. So why do we automatically assume that only exceptionally attractive girls are allowed to have a Sugar daddy? Face it, there are those affluent men out there who prefer to have woman that is a bit on the, umm, shall we say hefty size. I don’t necessarily mean so large that her belt size is ‘equator’, but just a bit larger than the average woman. We are not talking about personality or sense of humor (remember when we would get set up on a blind date and when asked what does she look like, we were told “she has a great sense of humor!); we are talking about the BBW, the big beautiful woman. We are talking Kirstie Alley before Jenny Craig.

If you go into a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor, there are numerous flavors to choose from, nobody ever asks to sample the vanilla or chocolate as we know what to expect from those timeless tastes, but whip out a spoonful of Chunky Monkey and the place goes wild. The same may hold true for the women that a wealthy Sugardaddy may choose as a companion, for those discerning gentleman the BBW might be just the thing to fill a particular void in his life. The BBW knows that she is not the second coming of Christy Brinkley or Cindy Crawford, and she could care less. She is secure in her appearance and her way of life, she lives her life on her own terms. This air of security in her own skin may actually be the overwhelming factor that a Sugar daddy finds appealing about her.

The main thing to remember is that everybody is an individual and as such we all have different tastes and preferences. What may be undesirable to one person maybe worth its weight in gold to another. Society has programmed many into believing that a wealthy Sugar daddy can only be with a ultra slim super model. After much deep thought, I have come to the conclusion that this is only because in the early history of Sugar daddy relationships, the Sugar daddy had to pay by the pound.


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Politics and Sugardaddies, not as different as you may think

OK, I know what you are thinking, this time I’ve really put my foot in my mouth, but if you take the time to consider the similarities you may come over to my side of the aisle or the boudoir if you prefer! What does a politician actually do? He listens to the needs of his constituents and does his best to provide for them. Since the money at his disposal comes from the taxpayers, his wealth may be substantial, but it is spent on the masses. Now, lets ask what the ‘Snake” I mean politician requires in return for taking care of you (the citizen), well, he wants your love and affection. This comes in the form of your vote each and every time he comes up for re-election. This is why the approval rating is so important to Politicians

Now for the Sugar daddy, this gentleman also has significant wealth behind him and he too wants to provide for the well being of those he cares about. The young lady he chooses to take under his wing will of course have her needs provided for. What she will give in return can also be love and affection and perhaps companionship as well. The big difference at this point (aside from the numbers) is that the politician’s rewards and expenditures are a matter of public record while the Sugardaddie’s terms are much more discreet.


I understand my comparison is a big stretch of the imagination, but think about it. Both the politician and the Sugardaddy are there to assist the needs of others while seeking something in return. This mutually beneficial relationship exists in the hallowed rooms of congress as well as the private bedrooms across America, and after watching the Presidential campaigns for the past few months, I’m not quite sure which type of relationship I trust more.


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I Must Be Mad

I had previously written an article about wanting to be Sarah Palins Sugar Daddy, after reading about her clothing expense even I am scared of this hockey mom.

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Do Not Take Offence

I undestand that some women may find the whole concept of being with a successful man a little on the fake/superficial side. I can hear the comments “look at here she is only with the guy for his money”. All I can say is maybe, maybe not who is too really know.

The way I look at it is so many of my friends and associates are either single due to divorce or unhappily married (not saying all of them are) but a high percentage I can see are bored in their marriage. So if Im really not looking to settle down and am happy being a sugar daddy and do not care about people questioning my relationships Id say I d rather people question what I do than be stuck in a lousy marriage or relationship.


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