Friends hostile takeover attempt.


How many times have you gone out to dinner with one of your Sugar babes and taken along one of your friends as sort of the third wheel. Everything seems harmless enough but your friend starts acting a bit strangely and begins offering a few tidbits of information that you would have preferred your date not know. Keep a close eye on your friend when this begins to occur, as what will most frequently follow is not going to be pleasant! Notice that your buddy will begin a prolonged stare at your Sugar babes when he starts divulging this information, and that the information has now begun to minimize your accomplishments while maximizing his own. The writing is now on the wall; your so-called friend is making a covert play for your date. This happens a lot more frequently than you might suspect, and although most of the time it is done without your friend realizing he is doing it, (even good friends might do this unconsciously, but they will quickly snap out of it and back into friend mode), however, not so good friends have made a direct attack on your territory. This can never be tolerated, and you must nip it in the bud, causing as much pain and suffering upon the intruder as is possible.

If the young lady you are with, is very intuitive, she will pick up on this very quickly, and if she is truly someone that wants to be with you she will shut him down in a heartbeat, if not, you may want to cut the evening short, permanently drop off the lady, and crack your former friend in the mouth with a roll of nickels. If the lady is not perceptive enough to pick up on this behavior then you must take this matter into your own hands. Remember that this woman is with you. You are her current Sugar daddy, and as such she will have placed some matter of faith and confidence in your abilities to be the alpha male. To do this you must take every unsavory comment your friend discloses and turn it into a joke, trying your best to make him the punchline. It’s always good to show him as the womanizer he obviously is by mentioning his past conquests, this gives him the impression you are bragging about him but from a woman’s view point, this may have a negative effect, as she would think he is playing her as just another conquest. After talking about these past indiscretions, if he is not properly reduced in attitude, you may follow it up by saying “ so, how’s that last round of antibiotics working for ya”? Isn’t life grand!

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  1. I think its great to get a mans prospective on this lifestyle I know the women I chat to would appreciate it



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