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Sugardaddie.com, serving the affluent and attractive for almost 12 years


Hardly a day goes by when you don’t see a television talk show host mentioning the Sugar daddy dating phenomenon. The original and arguably the most popular dating site of the Sugar daddy theme is still going strong. Technology continues to re-invent itself and the applications that can be used to enhance one’s Internet experience continue to amaze me. I am seeing new smart phone apps available almost everyday that makes the online dating experience accessed from a phone almost as intimate as from your home PC. It makes me wonder where the online dating sites will go from here.

The reasons for joining an online dating site such as Sugardaddie.com are becoming abundantly clear. With an increasingly uncertain economy and the looming threats of government shutdowns, forced health care plans and rising costs of education many attractive women have turned to dating in order to be able to not only live an above average lifestyle but for survival as well.  The majority of the men they date are more than happy to foot the bill for many of life’s necessities in return for the company of an attractive woman. The question then becomes is this type of dating moral or merely intelligent and attractive woman being much more selective in whom they choose to date?


As stated by many men and women who have gotten together through sites like Sugardaddie.com, is it not typical that people engaged in some type of relationship assist one another as they see fit? Don’t less affluent couples help one another through the more difficult times in their lives? Of course they do, its wrong that people be branded solely because of wealth or looks, after all they are doing the exact same thing that the average dating couple may do.

It’s just as easy to fall for a rich man or an attractive woman, as it is to fall for a person of more average looks and wealth. Sugardaddy themed websites merely make it much more efficient for those who choose to be more selective in their dating criteria to find exactly what they are looking for. There is no pretense on these websites, the members know precisely what they are looking for and any expectations are recognized.

Almost 12 years ago Sugardaddie.com recognized a need to create a venue for men and women who desire to live an above average lifestyle.  They created a dating site in which they could meet, interact decide if their wants and needs were complimentary. Since then many sites have tried to emulate this one, but it’s always nice to dance with the girl that brought you!



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Oh Mama


I’m not sure as to whether or not this is a genetic trait that all women possess, or merely something that occurs in the single women that I tend to meet, but I have noticed that they all seem to want to mother me. Originally I had thought that because of my extreme adventure lifestyle, and the fact that I usually came home broken or battered in some fashion that it was just a nice gesture of concern. Nope, its more than that. It seems that even if I just get a splinter or a scratch, the woman I am with will roll out the bandages, put me in my recliner, hand me the remote control and repeatedly kiss my boo boo.

This mothering instinct is a fine thing, but it can sometimes get overdone. If I mention I am inured, even a woman who has never met me face to face feels the need to nurse me back to health, by sending me home remedies or calling a local deli and having chicken soup sent to my residence. I should take the time to mention that I live within a guard gated estate, so my security is assured. I am not the handsomest man in the world, so I am not concerned that they do this out of pure lust, nor am I the ugliest, as I have not recently been seen ringing bell in a church shouting “sanctuary” at the top of my lungs. It just seems that it is genetically coded for the female of the species to do this. I have learned, however that I can work this human condition to my advantage. My Sugar baby is coming over to night and, I’m trying my best to get a groin injury before she arrives.


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Dating a young woman with children


Many Sugardaddies find themselves in the awkward position of dating a young woman with children. These women are sometimes financially strapped and can use an experience mentor or benefactor to help get them back on the track to stability. You may also find a young lady with children that comes from a wealthy, established background herself and merely prefers to date within her own socio-economic circle. In either of these cases you may come across those individuals who assist in the care of the children. In the average or middle class neighborhood you will find the baby sitter and in the upscale district you will find the nanny or au pair. Words of advice…”leave the nanny alone!” You should not even get into conversation with this woman as even the slightest hint of friendship will result in your attractive young lady friend growing horns and fangs ready to rip you to pieces. How many times have you seen on television the young post teen babysitter beginning a torrid affair with the man of the house? How many times have we seen the nightly news discuss a divorce with the reason being a tryst with the nanny? This cannot end well!

My suggestion to you is to treat the babysitter like the guy from the Internal Revenue Service who just told you that you owe a ridiculous amount of back taxes. In your mind, picture not that sweet angelic face of youth that you can’t wait to get your grubby little paws on, but imagine she looks former secretary of state Margaret Albright or Prince Charles in a dress. What I am trying to say is ‘keep away from the nanny!’ If you can pay complete disregard to your girlfriend’s babysitter, she will consider you to be entirely trustworthy which can make your life much, much more delightful. So remember no matter how enticing she may be, keep your distance from you girlfriends nanny, after all, I never said anything about a friend’s babysitter!

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My best date of the year


She was not the hottest girl I had taken out this year, nor was she the sexiest, but Emily was by far the most intriguing and had captivated me totally the first minute I laid eyes on her. Sometimes, you see a girl and know from the get go that this person was going to be apart of your life for many, many years. Have I mentioned yet that Emily is 5 years old? Don’t get yourself in an uproar, I’m no pedophile, Emily is the daughter of my business partner and I just seem to melt anytime she is near. My partner and his wife needed to leave town on a family emergency last weekend, and since it was an unfortunate last minute occurrence, I offered to watch the budding young starlet until the next day when they returned. Some men would shudder to think about the responsibility of looking after a child overnight, but for some reason animals and children seem to respond well to me.

Our day started promptly at noon when Emily’s parents departed and we decided to go to her favorite place, “The Mall”! For some reason women of all ages seem to gravitate to places where large sums of money are spent. I guess it starts at a very young age and just intensifies as they get older. I figured at age five, this was going to be the easiest I was ever going to get off bringing a female to what seems to be their mother ship, so I embraced the moment. We strolled the mall for about an hour, with newly purchased teddy bears and a hideous fish pillow that she refused to release from her tiny grasp.
We settled at the food court and as I was cutting her favorite food (pizza) into bite size pieces, I noticed that I was being stared at my several pairs of eyes. I am used to this when I go out to restaurants or night clubs, but in those instances they are usually thinking about how much my date’s boob job cost or where the rest of her dress was, in this case, I was viewed by a number of exceptionally attractive women who were actually smiling with approval at me, and how the adorable Emily was laughing and smiling at my every word.

That day came to an end with me tucking my little beauty into her bed after an obligatory kiss on the forehead. I sat back and thought about the day and how wonderful it was. Now, ladies, don’t get all giddy with anticipation as I was not thinking about finding that special woman and working on getting an Emily of my very own. What I was thinking was how much my partner would charge me to rent her every now and then to troll her through malls and other places where attractive women might congregate. After all, like most women I date, she still has about 5-7 years left before she too gets too old for my purposes!

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Blind date set-up.


If I had a share of Google stock for every time someone started a conversation with “I know this girl that would be perfect for you” I would be even richer than I am today, and would never even conceive of slaving over a hot keyboard again! As well intentioned as these fine people may be, those words are the kiss of death, as we all know what phrases such as this and “she has a great sense of humor”, mean in terms in looks department. This is why the only people I will accept blind date information from are my doctor, or personal trainer. If you think about what these individuals have in common you will understand why they are the only people I know that I will accept sightless judgment from.

If a friend gives you the phone number of a young woman and says she is cute and has a great personality, you can rest assured she probably is a lot of fun to be around, but her looks could probably make an onion cry. I am very lucky to have a lot of friends who are physicians, so when they tell me that she is very attractive, I have this information from someone who has actually seen her naked. Personal trainers are also a great source of judgment in the looks department, as most of them are so vain, that for them to say someone else is really good looking is a big plus. In addition, personal trainers will also be more than happy to tell you what they feel she may need to work on. Although personal trainers are great judges of physical beauty, do not count on them, for determining a potential dates intelligence or sense of humor, for some reason, the don’t do well on topics outside of the gym. If you happen to have a friend that is a gynecologist who works out 5 times a week, you have hit gold and can give him or her carte blanche on selecting a date for you.

So there you have it, you now know whom to trust when being considered for a blind date set-up. I’m sure women have the same feelings when their friends are attempting to set them up with men. I’m not entirely sure what their criteria is for matchmaking, but just remember, the person setting you up is friends with both of you, and you can never be completely certain where their loyalty lies. I hope this has been informative and you find the person of your dreams. I have to get dressed and out of here now, my accountant has set me up with someone she thinks would be perfect for me!

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Take me to dinner


I had decided to allow one of my more headstrong sugar babes to take me to dinner the other night, succumbing to her urging that it would be a refreshing change for us since she wanted to not only choose the restaurant but she actually wanted to PAY for the evening! After a quick mind flash in which I was envisioning us eating French toast at 10pm at the highway truck stop, I laughed and agreed to her request to surprise me. She’s a young, educated professional and I trusted her taste implicitly.

Arriving at her building at 6pm, I turned over the keys to my beloved Bentley while simultaneously commenting on her seductive outfit and greeting her with a kiss. I’d decided ahead of time that I would allow her to drive and to truly be in charge the rest of the evening. I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to go along with the fun, although I have to admit that it would be outside my comfort zone to make a habit of this, as I tried not to allow her to see my whitening knuckles as we made the sharp turn onto the freeway. While my stomach was growling, I could think of nothing other than the need for a nice, dry martini upon arrival.

It wasn’t long before we pulled into what was inarguably one of my favorite restaurants in South Beach. While some people may be under the false impression that any woman interested in a sugar daddy would have to be some blonde bimbo with a subzero IQ, I would fight them to the grave; this woman is not only very intelligent, but clearly observant as well. Dusting off the cobwebs in the recesses of my mind, I realized that this was the very first restaurant I’d taken her to and that was well over a year ago! I couldn’t hold back my smile. Think what you want about sugar daddies and sugar babes, but yes, there is often a sense of romance when I am out with my babes. If you are under the impression that it’s all about her enjoying wine, fine food, gifts and vacations and me only in the relationship for the arm candy and sex, you are wrong. Obviously I am attracted to her (and a few other women I see occasionally) on many levels and the fact that she remembered the place we shared our first meal together and the fact that it’s my favorite, scored huge with me. So huge in fact, that I found myself almost able to completely forget that it was essentially with my money that my babe had ‘treated’ me to a great dinner on the beach!

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My Online Date with Paul O’Brien


OK, I guess its been quite a few posts since I’ve decided to rant and rave about a pet peeve, but as always some little thing today set me off and I feel its time to take a time out from talking about my adventures in online dating and how it is to be a Sugar daddy to enlighten the world about Paul O’Brien. You are now probably asking yourself who the heck is this O’Brien character and what has he got to do with Sugar daddy dating. Well, here it goes; have you ever had to call a help or support line to find out what is wrong with you wireless internet? I have given the name of Paul O’Brien to all those individuals who work in the overseas outsourced call centers of our favorite corporations. This is the name that the very first person who tried to convince me he was speaking from Chicago, Illinois used when attempting to assist me. I truly do appreciate the fact that he was reasonably knowledgeable and that the Company (who shall remain nameless) felt the need to outsource to appease it’s shareholder’s expectations, however do not tell me that you are someone or somewhere you are not.

I am used to sugar babes evading my direct question on many dating sites, because, quite honestly, that’s what they do, but I am prepared for that and let it go. However, when a man who identifies him self as Paul O’Brien from Chicago, who sounds very much like my friend Yogi Patel, proprietor of the finest 7-Eleven store on the beach, I have to stop and think. Again, remember, I have been in a mood as of late so I was looking for trouble! After several minutes of answering inane questions that had no bearing on my problem, which was preceded by 18 minutes of hold time, I began the hunt for the truth…As he was reading from what I believed was a script, (again, no problems here as long as the job gets done) I began to engage him in a meaningless dialogue, after several minutes of this and rebooting my computer, etc, I did it…I asked the question that would confirm or reject my assumption. “How is the weather in Bangalore I asked,” to which he replied, “I’m sorry sir, but in Delhi it is very, very nice”. After several more minutes and 2 managers lately, my issue was resolved and once again I was happily on the prowl for new and exciting Sugarbabes on some of my favorite sites. I know it really doesn’t make a difference where someone is helping me from, but for some reason it bothers me when someone is told to take on an alias and intentionally make be believe they are someone and somewhere the are not. I guess this is why the women I meet either have to be in person, or willing to have a cup of coffee with me in a relative short period of time. I may be picky but I hate to set up a nice vacation in the Florida Keys and have Paul O’Brien show up with a beach towel and Daiquiri!

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