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Famous Sugar Daddies

How did this whole sugar daddy thing started? Young women see celebrity couples and want to follow their favorite stars. There are so many examples of celebrity couples who’s age difference is 25 average. Let’s take Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. They have 25 years of difference and look great together! They even have two kids together. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn have huge gap in between… 35 years! Can’t say they look as good as Douglas and Jones, but hey, as long as they are happy together…

So why wouldn’t any beautiful young woman want to look good as Jones! They do want some rich, respectable older man who loves them and to take care of them. They are great inspiration to all sugar daddies that are not celebrities but have a lot of money. There are many older men who are not bad looking for their age and still can afford a young cutie. Since most of the sugar daddy and sugar babe relationships I have mentioned are long term that might tell a lot about the woman. She is not only young and beautiful, but also smart and really devoted to her sugar daddy. Why would she stay with him for more than a month at least after marriage if not love? Yes, I can tell you are thinking about prenuptial agreement, but then why to have kids? It is very serious. I wish we would follow celebrities in all good stuff.



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