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Dating a married man


In today’s society there are all types of relationships, and with the advent of online dating you would need a psychiatrist to understand them all. But the sheer number of people surfing the Internet brings about problems that have been around for ages, but are now amplified by the ease of entering an affair or love triangle online. Couples have struggled with these issues forever, and often seek advice from within that same dating community that causes Infidelity to begin with. But, if a Sugarbabe see’s no problem in dating a married man, it then falls to the wealthy man to decide if cheating is a road they want to go down. From personal experience, being a Sugardaddy has nothing to do with adultery; my own philosophy is if you are married, you should not be a Sugardaddy, unless you are single, divorced or separated. Dating many attractive women is a wonderful thing, but the personal accounts of such activities described by friends who engage in such affairs, leads me to believe that there is always a consequence for such actions and is more of a problem than the answer to what troubles you. In a quick question and answer session with a friend over coffee and a bagel, (I love my Sunday morning bagels!), my good friend suggested I was an expert at such information and began to use me as his resident advisor and personal support group.


I referred him to a blog post I had written many months ago about a group of friends who would constantly go down to Costa Rica to gamble and enjoy the local culture, and by culture I mean women. As they were boasting of their conquests, I happened to suggest that maybe their spouses also looked forward to their trips south of the border so they could indulge in similar activities. After about an hour of debating these issues back and forth we decided that I should create a series of videos allowing others to benefit from my wisdom or at least embark on a television career which would undoubtedly go over well among female fans. Some of my buddies here in South Florida are of Latino descent and come from many countries in South America, such as Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico and many others where the Latin people and the Latin culture may view the Sugardaddy lifestyle much differently than the way many Americans or other cultures do. So it comes down to a moral issue on what the individuals involved think and not what society thinks.

Again, I want to stress that my opinion, although count pretty much only for me are that to be a proper Sugardaddy and engage in the Sugardaddy relationship, you need to be unattached and unencumbered by a wife and family lifestyle. Your Sugarbabe is with you to realize her dreams of living a better than average or upscale lifestyle in addition to enjoying the companionship of a wealthy intelligent man. If you split time between two worlds, you do a disservice to both.



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A Sugardaddy in Key West

A Sugardaddy in Key Weird


We spend so much time telling you all the posh hotspots that you can take your Sugarbabe to, but the truth is, you don’t have to travel half way across the world to have a great time with an attractive woman by your side. Depending upon where you live, you may be able to find places that can blow your socks off and show that you are more than a rich man showing off in order to get a hottie in the sack! The perfect combination of romantic settings and uniqueness will often transform a moderately decent looking Sugardaddy into the next George Clooney. The important thing to know is that even if you travel to places that are not the grand and swanky destinations Such as South Beach or Las Vegas there are still ways and venues that display your affinity for an upscale lifestyle and that you truly deserve the moniker of Sugardaddy.

One of my favorite local get-a-ways, even though I live in the vicinity of South Beach in Miami, is to take a weekend with my favorite Sugarbabe and head south. I’m talking 90 miles from Cuba south, to the center of strange and exotic behavior, Key West! The Florida Keys are a string of little Islands that all have their own flavor and uniqueness, such as Islamorada, a quaint little drinking village with a serious fishing problem. The road trip to Key West is a lot of fun although there is a ferry that can take you from Key Biscayne to Key Weird in the same 3-4 hours that it takes to drive, but with cocktails and Television! Once on the Island depending on yours and your sugarbabes needs you may find any number of charming bed and breakfasts to a five star luxury hotel such as the La Concha. Your evenings can be as simple as visiting the little hole in the wall bars once frequented by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett. If the wild side takes hold of you and you want to do a little showing off there is always the Bull & Whistle Stop bar which boasts live music downstairs and a clothing optional bar on the third floor.

No matter what state you live in, there are always some great places that are a just a bit off the beaten path and worth the visit. If you are a wealthy man, with an incredibly attractive Sugarbabe, you may just find that the little extra that you can spend than the average visitor to these places, will make you look and feel like the Sugardaddy you are, and allow your Sugarbabe to see a side of you that is a bit more carefree and exotic.

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How to impress a girl in Vegas


Ahhhh, Las Vegas, if New York City is the city that never sleeps than Vegas is the one that goes on a three day binge! It seems that every Sugardaddy I have ever met has a story about himself and a Sugarbabe he took to Las Vegas for a long weekend. What you will not hear from a quality Sugardaddy is a story about how he scored a great combination rate for Bally’s that includes airfare, room and a famous Las Vegas Buffett. When a wealthy man takes attractive women to Sin City, it is about what he can show her that the Average Joe cannot. Suites at the Palms hotel are the measuring stick and not having to wait on lines to get into the hot Vegas clubs such as Pure at Caesar’s Palace where the chance of breaking up a cat fight between Britney Spears and…well, anyone, may land you on the cover of a tabloid; is always a possibility. Although VIP service in Vegas is what most people think of when they put the words Sugardaddy and this desert paradise together, there is a hidden side of the Las Vegas experience that may just set you apart from the rest.


The night life in Las Vegas is well known to almost anyone who has been there and for those who feel the need to party 24 hours a day while in town, there are always incredible pool parties to while away the day until its time to hit the tables and then another round of club hopping. The current most popular midday hot spot would be the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino, yet another place to mingle with the rich and famous. But if you want to really show your romantic side and separate yourself from every other person with deep pockets who comes to Las Vegas, a scenic side trip into the natural world surrounding this city can pay huge dividends. Forty minutes in either direction of the city can bring you to both the Colorado River and some incredible canyons, just over the Hoover dam in Arizona, or if heading west, Red Rocks Canyon can make for a beautiful and possibly romantic day trip. The key is that you are entertaining beautiful women, yet you want to have some quality time with them as well. At some of the top tier venues the loud music may drown out anything meaningful that could take place outside the confines of the hotel suite.


So, if your are a Sugardaddy who is in reasonable decent shape, and your relationship is a bit more than just spending time, and a lot of money on some arm candy. Your Sugarbabe is someone whom you have the potential of an actual relationship with; do not discount the natural world just outside of the bright lights of Las Vegas. After all, the Grand Canyon was there long before Las Vegas was, (with the possible exception of Wayne Newton!).

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Power Couples or Sugardaddies


A friend recently asked me if I would change my dating style to be with females of the rich and famous persuasion such as Nicky Hilton, notice I said Nicky and not Paris Hilton, even I have my standards. Anyway, I thought long and hard about this said very convincingly, absolutely! Just as wealth and power are an aphrodisiac to most women, it is also true for men. The difference is not in a change of lifestyle but more in terms of compromises. As a Sugardaddy you hold most of the cards as it’s your money and lifestyle that is being shared, but if you are dating someone similar to the Hilton sisters, your control is negated by there own fortunes and influence. The great thing about this type of relationship is that you know the person truly wants to be around you as their financial situation is as good as or better than your own. The downside is that they do not need you for anything other than emotional reasons and this as we have all learned is an unpredictable thing.

This type of relationship is not easy there are always people dissecting every move you make. We need look no further than the union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Both are Hollywood power brokers yet their relationship is constantly under scrutiny by the media and every housewife standing on line at the checkout of the local grocery store. By comparison, the wealthy man dating a woman who may be equally attractive to Ms. Jolie or the beautiful Jennifer Aniston for that matter, may be able to fly under the radar of the public eye and therefore maintain more control over his lifestyle. The Sugardaddy is not in search of publicity as he requires nothing more than to share his affluent lifestyle with another on his own terms.

We frequently read about sports stars and their dating habits, such as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and his super model girlfriend Gisele Bundchen, and let’s not forget Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson; these are high profile individuals who are under intense scrutiny constantly. We never seem to think that these sports stars work for someone who actually owns the teams they play for and pay their salary.

The stars work for others who hire them for specific roles, but we never hear about them as they are the control behind the scenes. A Sugardaddy holds such control, he may enable others to live a better than average lifestyle, but at the end of the day he reigns supreme, and isn’t that what being a Sugardaddy is all about, having the control and choice to offer your wealth and experience to those you deem worthy?

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My online adventures at Part 1


I have spent quite a significant amount of time at the chic sports bars and night spots, not only to have a great time with friends but with the hope of possible running into that special someone who will take my breath away; that hasn’t worked out so well, so I decided to come up with an alternative method to meet attractive young women, who also enjoy the best that life has to offer. It is for this reason that I scoured the Internet for a dating site and eventually chose to register at OK, so I did see this site on television a few times and since I am the quintessential embodiment of the classic Sugar daddy I felt this was the perfect place to begin my search!.

My profile was out there for the world to see and before long the messages from female members were showing up in my mailbox. Cheryl was an extremely attractive brunette who enjoyed many of the same things I do, however she lived a bit too far away for my comfort and the fact that she was still going through a divorce, kind of turned me off. I had several other messages and began sending out my own to those women that I thought I may have a connection with. I was receiving many responses that I decided to be very discerning to whom I would send more than a polite but negative reply. Megan, an athletic looking blonde who lived 30 minutes from me, contacted me and through the messages, we hit it off quite well. It was then time to take this budding relationship to the next level, the infamous first phone conversation.

Most women prefer at first to take your phone number for safety reasons and after several rings the phone was answered and I asked “is this Megan?” The next several minutes were a blur as I was treated to a very soothing voice that made me laugh continuously and feel extremely comfortable. She was feeling the same way and even though we planned on a few more phone conversations, there was undeniable chemistry between us.

We have made plans to spend a part of the weekend together and are currently discussing some places where she and I for that matter will feel comfortable, yet where we can enjoy some of the things we have in common, that connected us in the first place. Tennis, the beach and a local art festival were some of the possibilities. I will keep you posted on how my first date adventure turns out.


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Sugarbabe relationship


Sometimes I feel it is important to step into the other person’s shoes and understand what makes them tick. It is in this way that the rich Sugardaddy can truly understand what attractive women want from the Sugarbabe relationship, and can therefore best provide what each desires. If you live in a major city that is known for spectacular surroundings and unique people such as Miami, you will most often run into very attractive women who are originally form small towns and far away places. These attractive women were more than likely the best looking at school and part of the ‘in-crowd’. They come to places like South Beach not just for the Sugarbabe relationship, but because they feel they are missing out on the excitement of life. Even the whole Anna Nicole Smith debacle held some allure for them.

These women come to town with stars in their eyes and the dream of meeting a wealthy man or benefactor, but most don’t even realize that the two may not embrace a typical Sugarbabe relationship. There are many wealthy men in the world but very few truly understand that a rich Sugardaddy is much more than a guy with deep pockets, he is a benefactor, and educator and most of all a friend who is willing to take you under his wing and impart his life experiences on you so you may have an easier time in your pursuit of happiness. Many affluent men may not have the young women’s best interest at heart and therefore cannot be considered a sponsor, but more than likely a dirty old man.

It’s important for young attractive women to realize that most of these types of Sugarbabe relationships are not long lasting, however this does not mean that something real and perhaps more of a traditional relationship is not possible. The more astute of these girls come to understand not only what they hoped to attain out of such associations, but what the affluent gentleman desired as well. There are many such girls coming out of the heartland searching for the same things and the competition is fierce. The wise young lady finds ways to stand out in the crowd and as such has a much better chance of being noticed and achieving the Sugarbabe relationship.

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Why some women are drama queens


Face it guys, women are aliens sent from another galaxy to turn our brains into oatmeal! This has got to be true as I can see no other alternative as to why they sometimes act the way that the do. We continuously give women the benefit of the doubt in all situations and in return we get the verbal equivalent of a kick in the head. Have you ever noticed that as the attractiveness goes up so does the drama related to that woman? Beautiful women that are over 35 years old are among the leading cause of death among middle aged men, really! its true!, and with most of them lately trying to apply for concealed weapons permits, the male gender is in some serious trouble.

Drama Queens believe they are in fact royalty, and expect to be treated as such. Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant with one these evil creatures when she turns from Doctor Jekyll into Ms. Hyde? This transformation usually takes place somewhere after the first glass of wine and before the appetizer, which leads us to believe that the catalyst for this transformation is bread. These exceptionally attractive women, who we usually find on the various free online dating sites, must starve themselves from eating any carbohydrates during the week in order to fit into their slinky little black dress that is a mainstay of the Sugarbabe wardrobe. Once they sit down and begin to eat the bread that they have been denying themselves all weeklong, you will notice that they then begin to wave the butter knife around like it was an extension of their hand. They also feel the need to point it directly at you, that is until the waiter, who is busy with normal customers takes that one extra moment before arriving at your table to ask if you are ready for your main course. Ms. Hyde then begins the evil glare and begins telling you loudly how inefficient the kitchen crew is, and how it will be reflected in their tip. You on the other hand are trying to alert the poor waiter as to which meal is yours and that he can spit in hers if he wishes, you will understand.

Some how, you make it through the meal and begin walking to the valet to pick up your car and drive your date home. She on the other hand is ranting and raving what a wonderful Sugardaddy your are and can’t wait to get you to her house. A cold tingle goes up your spine and the thought of possibly falling asleep in the company of this women brings back thoughts of the movie alien. As you are driving, you think about your idol, James Bond, 007, and how great it would be to have an ejector seat built into your Mercedes. As you near her home, you begin to think about the other Sugarbabe you enjoy spending time with, she is not as pretty, but you never cease to have a great time with her.

Your are within mere blocks of her place and the sweat is beading down your forehead, she begins her amorous moves on you and for second you consider reaching over and opening the car door and giving her a quick shove and a wave goodbye, you then think about which would be worse, the prison sentence or the bedroom. Crunch time is now at hand as you pull to the curb, in a last grasp at salvation you blurt out how you need to just call the STD clinic to make sure you are on the right meds this week.
As she races to her front door you can barely make out her saying that she will call you this week, sometime…Your smile is from ear to ear as you apologize to your other Sugarbabe over the phone for the late call, and ask her out for a night cap as your meeting ran a bit late. You swear you will never put yourself in this position again no matter how attractive the woman is…until next time, that is.

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