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Dating And Relationships

We all know at the best of times relationships can be difficult and need constant maintenance. Whoever said living together was easy should be held responsible for his actions as we all know it isnt easy. Now with my blog basically being written about a man who has had many a relationship with a age difference you are probably wondering how did I manage with the age difference when many people have a problem keeping a relationship going when they are the same age.

Well I did and it was probably easier than having a relationship with someone my age. Why you ask yourself?. Well let me first say that all females have respected the fact that Ive been successful in my life and Iam still successful both in business and in relationships.

One of the other factors I found that made this type of relationship easier was my life experiences. Maybe for her this could have taken away some of the mistakes we make in lifes lessons but it made life simpler in the long run as I had experienced may pitfalls that I could point out. This made for a lot of smooth sailing (which anyone would appreciate) in a relationship.



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Few Reasons Why Females Enjoy Mature Men

In today’s society many females feel comfortable in a relationship were there is a larger than normal age gap. I can totally understand it as well and thought Id write a few of my personal reasons why I feel a younger women has no qualms about being with a man older than herself.

1) Confidence and maturity play a big part in this factor. Many women are mentally older than their age and find being around youngsters a little on the drab side. They feel that they would like to do more than hang out at a Starbucks or the local Subway. With the opportunity to try things on a grander scale Im sure are very enticing and believe me they are more enticing as this information has come from the horses mouth.

2) Financial stability is another key factor in this type of relationship. Many women would like the opportunity to try different things without the concern of wondering if what she wants to do is “too expensive”.

There countless reasons for the mature man outwitting and winning in  the dating game compared to a younger man.

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Whats All The Fuss

So what is all the fuss about myself being a sugar daddy and writing a blog about it. Nothing absolutely nothing. Im in my office and this blog was a way for myself to release some frustrations about the whole topic. You know older men dating younger women, so what!!!, surely in todays world with all that is happening people really have more to think about than age difference relationships.

I must admit when I was younger I suppose it was slightly frowned upon but we have come along way since then come on same sexes are getting married these days so my relationships should be easily accepted and Im happy to say in the most they are.

Here is a scenario, who would you rather your daughter date  a young person with no direction and no money or an established gentlemen with means of showing your daughter a good time. Ill let you answer that one.

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I Never Found Dating Difficult

Alot of people out there find the whole dating game a bit complicated, you know “what is she thinking” etc. To me I never found it a “game” more of a challenge. Maybe the fact that I was established probably made a difference because never at one point did I feel inferior which I know some men feel. This may be due to the fact that the women earns more than him, oh ok it really could only mean that. With that obstacle never coming into the equation dating seemed a bit of a breeze for me.

I met Suzy quite a few years ago, Im definitely not one to frequent strip bars or any type of club of that nature, but on this particular night I was at a bachelor party and it was held at a strip bar. Suzy was a cute young female but to me she looked a little lost in this maze of goggling eyes pinpointing at her. I approached her and offered to buy her a drink, she accepted and was a little surprised that I had not asked for a dance. To me sitting in  a crowded room and have a women strip in fron to of you is a little to uncomfortable for me, so it was just a drink that I offered and not expecting anything in exchange (exept her number) which I did get.

Over the next 6 months we spent an unusual amount of time together. I never was really comfortable with her career, soryy that is not a career, I meant her job. She was young and to her earning the money she did gave her a bit of freedom and an opportunity to be able to pay for school, so who was I to give her a hard time for doing it.

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How It started the whole Sugar Daddy thing

It was quite a few years ago I was dating a young lady, by the way Im 45 and she was 32, nothing to really make anyone flinch their eyes at. We were like any other couple, we got on great, went out many times a week, I was constantly treating her, well in her eyes I was to me it was nothing out of the ordinary as I enjoy the theatre, restaurants etc.

To her this was living life and maybe it was I was just used to this and really thought nothing of it. After a fantastic evening out we wnt to one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas she said to me “you are my sugar daddy”, I laughed it off thinking “what a ridiculous statement. As the evening progressed I could not stop thinking about what she had said to me and I thought “she is right” I really could come under the umbrella of the saying “sugar daddy” and from that day onwards I always looked at myself as a sugar daddy. This was not by anything I really admitted to anyone as I thought of all the different thoughts people had about that saying.

Over the years I became very comfortable with this and having seen this word used so many times in the media it no longer niggled me I was like my out coming, So here you have it and if you are reading this and are successful think of all the things you have done for your partner or the things you are capable of doing for her and you may even feel comfortable in calling yourself a sugar daddy

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Why women want a sugar daddy without realizing it

Plenty of women out there are seeking a man of means and Im not implying these women do not want to work Im just suggesting that they want a man who is going somewhere in their life. Who is to blame them for not wanting a guy who is a couch sitting, chip and beer slugger who is content with life. I know if I was a female I would like to meet a guy with means of being able to provide a great life albeit even if this was their incomes combined. No female wants to date a guy who earns less than them.

So being that blogs are all the craze these days I decided to put pen to paper “excuse the pun” and write my thoughts and experiences of what it is like to be a sugar daddy. Wow you are thinking a :”sugar daddy” yes because there are so many misconceptions about the name I decided to go on a mission and clear aa lot of the myths about the name.

First and foremost this is my perception of what a sugar daddy is. A sugar daddy is a man who is accomplished this does not mean he has to ne a bazzilionaire jus a man who has made some financial accomplishments and basically can look after himself and the female in his life.

So sit back and enjoy my blog which I will update as often as possible.


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