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Things to do on a date with the Princess and the Tomboy


I am sure that every person that has ever asked an attractive woman out on date has come across this dilemma. Just when we think the difficult part is over, we then have to decide on what things to do on that date. Remember, she did say yes, so now it is up to you to make that date a most memorable experience as the competition for a beautiful woman is fierce. When thinking of things to do on a date the first thing a person must do is understand what type of woman he is going out with.

One important factor when deciding on things to do on a date is to think about the personality of the person who will be accompanying you. Is this person outgoing or more a reserved individual. In other words, would she be more comfortable if you reserved a private dinning room at a favorite restaurant or screaming her lungs out while white water rafting? Understanding her personality type will then make it easier to determine whether she is the outdoorsy type who would prefer the rafting trip or the princess who would favor being waited on in an elegant atmosphere.

If the princess is the flavor of the month than you will have to refine your possibilities of things to do on a date. The possibilities for this must include everything in style and elegance, perhaps a Chauffeured ride around town before settling in at a five start restaurant where you can celebrate the fact that you found each other with a bottle of Dom Perignon. The things to on a date with the princess must be first class at all times and although she may a be a bit high maintenance, the benefits of such a relationship quite often pay huge dividends when successful.

Things to do on a date with the Tomboy type woman can get a little tricky, as you are never quite sure what type of outdoor activity she really enjoys and what her skill level is at them. It would not bode well for you if you chartered an offshore fishing adventure only to find that she is prone to sea sickness or rock-climbing if she has a fear of heights. If you are not positive about her likes and abilities, try and engage her in a conversation in which you can get her to disclose what she enjoys and then find out all you can about it. It’s amazing how often when choosing things to do on a date with this type of woman how often the simplest things work best. Something as easy as a mountain bike ride along a scenic stretch of road or trail followed by a peaceful lunch at a lodge with a view can be the emotional equivalent the a seven course meal at a chic restaurant.

Thinking o things to do on a date with the Princess or the Tomboy is not difficult as long as one takes the time to get know her before making such important choices. If two people have met online and are merely going for a cup of coffee at a local bistro, this is the perfect time to ask those leading questions that will make the follow up meeting unforgettable!


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