Gold diggers


Gold diggers…can you dig it!

I’ve spent so much time talking about the world from the point of view of the Sugar daddy and his dating habits, but what I have neglected to do is discuss the situation from the point of view of the impressionable young women who according to movies and assorted 18th century British literature are the prey of such cunning older gentleman. Well, I’m not going to waste time with that now either, today we talk about those despicable and wicked temptresses known as gold diggers. You know the type those attractive women with the million dollar smiles, that’s right, they only will smile at you if you are worth more than a million dollars! We so often talk about the wealthy Sugar daddy type as looking like George Clooney and having the sophisticated charm of an Errol Flynn, but the truth is that those types of men rarely exist. It is the “Elmer Fudd’s” of the world who are in the majority, how many women would actually look at Bill Gates if he weren’t worth 40 billion dollars? So give those very average looking millionaires a break. They have worked hard to achieve their success and deserve a little fun and excitement.

Lets look at the majority of these relationships truthfully, so many of these women marry wealthy men for their money, and shortly after they divorce them for the same reason…their money. The average wealthy man dates for companionship and affection and is smart enough to realize when he is being played for a fool. This average Joe, (as far as millionaires go) is ok in parting with a bit of his hard earned cash for the occasional outing with a stunning young woman and although she may think she is taking him for a ride he is merely renting a commodity for a short time. While a Sugar daddy relationship is mutually beneficial remember that a gold digger never sells herself for cash, she takes credit cards, checks and stocks as well!


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