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Hardly a day goes by when you don’t see a television talk show host mentioning the Sugar daddy dating phenomenon. The original and arguably the most popular dating site of the Sugar daddy theme is still going strong. Technology continues to re-invent itself and the applications that can be used to enhance one’s Internet experience continue to amaze me. I am seeing new smart phone apps available almost everyday that makes the online dating experience accessed from a phone almost as intimate as from your home PC. It makes me wonder where the online dating sites will go from here.

The reasons for joining an online dating site such as are becoming abundantly clear. With an increasingly uncertain economy and the looming threats of government shutdowns, forced health care plans and rising costs of education many attractive women have turned to dating in order to be able to not only live an above average lifestyle but for survival as well.  The majority of the men they date are more than happy to foot the bill for many of life’s necessities in return for the company of an attractive woman. The question then becomes is this type of dating moral or merely intelligent and attractive woman being much more selective in whom they choose to date?


As stated by many men and women who have gotten together through sites like, is it not typical that people engaged in some type of relationship assist one another as they see fit? Don’t less affluent couples help one another through the more difficult times in their lives? Of course they do, its wrong that people be branded solely because of wealth or looks, after all they are doing the exact same thing that the average dating couple may do.

It’s just as easy to fall for a rich man or an attractive woman, as it is to fall for a person of more average looks and wealth. Sugardaddy themed websites merely make it much more efficient for those who choose to be more selective in their dating criteria to find exactly what they are looking for. There is no pretense on these websites, the members know precisely what they are looking for and any expectations are recognized.

Almost 12 years ago recognized a need to create a venue for men and women who desire to live an above average lifestyle.  They created a dating site in which they could meet, interact decide if their wants and needs were complimentary. Since then many sites have tried to emulate this one, but it’s always nice to dance with the girl that brought you!


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My online adventures at Part 2

Its been sometime since I finished off telling you about my adventures on, especially the relationship I developed with an incredible young woman named Megan that I met on that site. This relationship actually flourished for quite sometime but unfortunately came to an end just a few short months ago. Here is what happened.

First let me say that most first real life meetings after getting together on an online dating site can be a bit unnerving. A hundred things can go through your mind from will she look like her pictures to did I put on too much cologne, basically think of anything that derail a potential relationship from the onset and multiply it exponentially because of the online factor. I was very pleasantly surprised and I got the impression Megan was too as we immediately sat down, had a few drinks at a very public beachside café and began a conversation more in line with two old friends than strangers who had just met for the first time.

Friday afternoon turned into evening…evening into night and night turned into a very nice breakfast at a local diner. You can use your imagination to fill in the blank period between night and breakfast, but the only hint you get is sleep was not involved. The next few days we were almost inseparable, and the weeks that followed were not much different other than we had our own jobs and apartments to run back to before getting together several times a week. This went on for several months and very rarely did we ever disagree on a subject or activity.

I’m not going to say this was a perfect relationship because in the back of my mind I always thought there was something missing but I never could quite put my finger on it. I’m pretty sure she felt the same way but this was probably the best relationship either of us had in quite a while and it seemed that neither of us saw any reason to look elsewhere. I’m sure a lot of people have felt this at one time or another, you are perfectly happy with a person, have no intentions of cheating or breaking up, its just that something is a bit off.

Well, just under a year into the union, she dropped a bombshell on me; she informed me that for the years previous to our meeting she had lived life as a man! Nah, just kidding, wanted to see if you were paying attention, but what she did say was that she was offered a promotion with a significant raise in salary and she was going to accept it. The difficulty was that it meant she would have to relocate almost 2000 miles away.

Many relationships can survive a long distance relationship; unfortunately, this was not one of them. Although we both cared deeply for one another we agreed that neither of us was going to make such a significant a change in our life that would keep us together. Three weeks later Megan was on a westbound plane and out of my life forever. Two weeks after that I bought a dog and my new canine best friend and I began a nightly routine of running on the beach near my home. All in all a good trade for me, not only did I get a new best friend but almost two months to the day that Megan left, Trisha and her Golden Retriever, “Alex” moved in with me. Its amazing the things you find at the pet store these days.  Megan’s new job became a casualty of a struggling economy and she emails weekly to see how I’m doing, hmmm… what will the future bring!

My online adventures at Part 1

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Sugardaddy’s are King of the Forest!

Dominant males are continually looking to increase their range and thus increase their ability to choose the most desirable mates, they also get the “lion’s share” of the meals and are most likely to pass on their genes to future generations. This is as true in the world of Sugardaddy dating as it is in the animal kingdom. Wealthy men have the means to best provide for the object of their affection, they do not have to worry about where the next meal is coming from, they can help out with the bills, and are in demand by the sought after sugarbabe.

The alpha male of a species is much like the owner of a large corporation, he controls the territory, decides who is allowed in, and reaps the rewards if the company is successful. If he fails, he is driven out of business much as the Alpha male Lion would be driven from the pride after a challenger has defeated him. More than likely, as many women do, the females would most happily follow the new King of the Jungle. After all, how many times have you seen the beautiful secretary, administrative assistant or sugarbabe follow the ousted Executive or “former” Sugardaddy out the door? (The movie Jerry McGuire does not count!) Wealthy men and powerful Lion’s rule, it is the law of the universe.

The Sugarbabe, and to a lesser extent, attractive women in general are not as fickle as they may have us believe. They use their womanly guile to lure wealthy men into a false sense of security, bolstering their confidence, which the cunning Sugarbabe has almost complete control of. When his confidence is at its peak, is when he actually is the most vulnerable to the attractive. Many people think that the man has the advantage on dating sites such as, but the opposite is usually true. The male Lion for his part is most vulnerable to challenge while several females catering to his every whim are surrounding him. He gets lazy, complacent and open to attack.

The comparisons may be a stretch, but this article should be a wake up call to those Sugardaddie’s who are living large, have an abundance of attractive women clamoring for their attention and may just be getting a bit overconfident. Remember, you were once that young Lion waiting for that opportunity to elevate your station in life, and that gorgeous young woman on your on may have recently been whispering sweet nothings in the ear of someone else who may have let his guard down for just an instant.

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The Romance Fantasy. From Both Points of View

Remember a while back all the discussions brought about by a book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? Well, the fact of the matter is that was an incredible understatement, the way men and women look at similar situations are like two parallel universes with similar languages, but completely different interpretations of those languages. Millions of years of evolution have caused men and women to see the same things differently, and with the occasional rare exception, act differently in their pursuit of life’s emotional necessities, including romance. So, lets take a little look at Romance and how it is viewed by each gender and what their ultimate goals are.

A man’s romantic fantasy basically has nothing to do with our common interpretation of romance; it is more of a fantasy based on passion or desire than romance. The common male fantasy is to sleep with many attractive women both singularly or at the same time. Whether this is do in part from “Darwinian” theories or just that most males given the opportunity, turn into the quintessential “horn dogs”. In either case, the male brain is geared more to the act of physical intimacy than the pursuit of emotional intimacy or romance.

Females on the other hand have a completely different perception of romance, and as such go about achieving it in different ways than men. Contrary to the male perception that they must surround themselves with many women, the female fantasy revolves around one man. This fantasy is not just about any man, but the one who can provide for her a safe and stable relationship and provide financial stability as well, the ideal provider if you will. This fantasy results in a commitment that takes the anxiety (for the most part) out of her life about how she will maintain her lifestyle and who she will live out her years with. If the female achieves her fantasy it in effect destroys the classic male fantasy, as he must now give up the romantic notions of being the next Casanova, Gene Simmons or even Charlie Sheen!

The male fantasy seems to heavily rely on the pursuit of the female as once attained men will quite often go in search of the next great catch. For women the best part of a relationship is the stability of that relationship itself while men look at the chase as the driving force. While on a quest men will spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to catch the woman of his fantasy, but shortly after he attains his goal, he will spend precious little in trying to maintain it. He will however break his bank account on concerts, sporting events and weekend trips to Vegas with his buddies.

No matter which way you look at romance or fantasies, it’s not easy trying to decipher the codes that make men look at romance one way while women tend to see it another way. Romance can quite often be like running a triathlon, it could be very difficult and there may be times that you will want to quit, but you know that each step you take makes you stronger and that you will feel great once you cross the finish line.


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Sugar Daddy Dating Site Will Help You Find Your Sugar Babe

A great deal of wealthy men who have worked hard to get to where they are today find themselves with little time for a relationship. Due to the fact that many of these successful gentlemen are also very private people, a majority of them have turned to the Internet to find their very own sugar baby.

There are many online dating sites available to us but if you’re a wealthy man your focus should be on joining a website that caters specifically to successful and affluent males. It is on such a site that you will find an abundance of beautiful women better known as sugar babies who are looking for successful men such as yourself.

What makes Internet dating sites the ideal choice for wealthy men who have busy schedules is that these sites are extremely convenient and much less time consuming than visiting the singles bars. Not having enough free time to date is probably one of the biggest reasons most affluent wealthy men find themselves not in relationships but this can be easily be remedied by joining a dating site.

Privacy is also another concern for males who have acquired a great deal of wealth which is why you most likely will not spot them in a singles bar searching for a sugar baby. Many affluent gentlemen would prefer to be more discreet which would make seeking a relationship over the Internet a suitable option for them.

Beautiful women are drawn towards wealthy dating sites because of the quality of men they can expect to find on there. The logic behind this is that if a man has the ability to go out into the world and become a success, chances are they are also educated, well spoken and goal driven individuals which are character traits many women seek in a man. It is for this reason a dating site such as would be the ideal place to find a sugar baby.

As you can see, online dating sites have changed the way men and women go about meeting each other. Whether you’re a man who would like to find a sugar baby or a woman looking to meet a quality man, the time is now to start enjoying your life but it’s up to you to take that first step.

There is a common misconception that all a sugar baby needs to be is extremely attractive. While although there is some element of truth in this statement, beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder and each Sugardaddy may have his own perception of what his sugar baby should be. It is however, imperative for the sugar baby to be able to fit into a multitude of situations which may very well include a black tie affair and mingling or meeting people with other members of her benefactor’s social circle. It is for this reason that the sugar baby not only be reasonably educated but well versed in a variety of topics and current events. Single women that are all looks and little substance would be doing her sugar daddy a disservice and can actually hurt her chances to move up the social ladder.

Another common misconception is that a sugar baby is looking for a slightly older gentleman who has acquired a significant amount of experience and wealth in his life and is now in a position to assist a sugar baby meet people that are influential in her quest for a more affluent lifestyle. Much younger men are now achieving such success but have little time to seek out a long term relationship; therefore the sugar baby arrangement can be a mutually beneficial association.

The world wide web has now made the connection process easier for both the sugar baby and the wealthy man as the incredible growth of online dating sites especially has sped up the ‘getting-to-know-you’ process and put these individuals in a position to jumpstart their relationship.

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Why Single Young Women Date Older Men

Younger women often enjoy the company of older men for a variety of reasons with maturity being at the top of the list. Women tend to mature faster than most men which is why a female in her 20’s can get along well with a man who is in his 30’s or older.

One common complaint many women have about younger men is that they tend to not be established in their careers and are still trying to find their way in the world. An older gentleman on the other hand most likely has accomplished a great deal through experience and as a result has become successful. Being successful usually means an individual has accumulated some degree of wealth which can make almost any person appear that much more attractive.

In addition to wealth, many women are attracted to the confidence that older gentlemen tend to exude. Confidence has a way of making a man irresistible to women because there is a feeling of security and safety that women experience when in the company of such a confident individual.

Older men tend to also be more polite and well mannered than younger men. This is not to say that young males do not know how to behave themselves, but on average it is the older gentleman who knows how to treat a woman like a lady.

There are women who may have been raised with an absent father which is why some females prefer to date an older individual. Why would these women want to date older men? Well maybe because they are looking for a mentor figure or someone who can help guide them through life which an older successful individual would certainly be capable of doing.

As you can see there are several good reasons as to why single women prefer to date older men. Whether it’s wealth, confidence or maturity you are attracted to, older men tend to have all these qualities and enjoy being in the company of an attractive younger woman. Why are older men attracted to younger woman? Now that’s a topic for another article in itself!


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Attracting Beautiful Women

Beautiful women, can’t live with them can’t live without them. Just about every guy wants to be seen with an attractive female, but dating such a person can sometimes be quite challenging for some men.

For most males the benefits of being seen with a beautiful woman far outweigh any drawbacks that may be associated with such a person. Having an attractive female by your side can boost any man’s self esteem and can instantly increase your status among your male friends. The biggest reason for wanting to be with beautiful women is that they are just nice to look at!

The question that comes to mind is how does a man go about dating an attractive woman? Most good-looking females get hit on constantly by just about every guy, so if you’re going to approach a pretty woman make sure whatever you do or say is going to be different than what she is accustom to hearing. Rather than purchase the latest book on dating advice, you can instead apply some time tested principles which can help attract the woman of your dreams.

A very effective technique for attracting beautiful women is to get them to laugh. We all like to laugh because it makes us feel vibrant and alive. If you can get a woman to associate feeling good with seeing you, you’re going to be that much closer to having that person in your life.

Confidence is a major turn on for many females. When you show a woman that you’re self confident, it sends a strong message to her that you can handle any situation and that you’re in control of your life as well. Women find such a person irresistible!
A positive attitude is another personality trait that many females are attracted to in a guy. Nobody wants to be around someone who is negative and always complaining. Get into the habit of seeing the glass as half full and you’ll be surprised how women will begin to admire your attitude and outlook on life.

Meeting beautiful women doesn’t have to be something that we wish for but something that we can obtain simply by making a few changes in our personality. Just remember to be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.


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