My online adventures at Part 2

Its been sometime since I finished off telling you about my adventures on, especially the relationship I developed with an incredible young woman named Megan that I met on that site. This relationship actually flourished for quite sometime but unfortunately came to an end just a few short months ago. Here is what happened. First let me say that most first real life meetings after getting together on an online dating site can be a bit unnerving.

A hundred things can go through your mind from will she look like her pictures to did I put on too much cologne, basically think of anything that derail a potential relationship from the onset and multiply it exponentially because of the online factor. I was very pleasantly surprised and I got the impression Megan was too as we immediately sat down, had a few drinks at a very public beachside café and began a conversation more in line with two old friends than strangers who had just met for the first time.

Friday afternoon turned into evening…evening into night and night turned into a very nice breakfast at a local diner. You can use your imagination to fill in the blank period between night and breakfast, but the only hint you get is sleep was not involved. The next few days we were almost inseparable, and the weeks that followed were not much different other than we had our own jobs and apartments to run back to before getting together several times a week.

This went on for several months and very rarely did we ever disagree on a subject or activity. I’m not going to say this was a perfect relationship because in the back of my mind I always thought there was something missing but I never could quite put my finger on it. I’m pretty sure she felt the same way but this was probably the best relationship either of us had in quite a while and it seemed that neither of us saw any reason to look elsewhere. I’m sure a lot of people have felt this at one time or another, you are perfectly happy with a person, have no intentions of cheating or breaking up, its just that something is a bit off.

Well, just under a year into the union, she dropped a bombshell on me; she informed me that for the years previous to our meeting she had lived life as a man! Nah, just kidding, wanted to see if you were paying attention, but what she did say was that she was offered a promotion with a significant raise in salary and she was going to accept it. The difficulty was that it meant she would have to relocate almost 2000 miles away. Many relationships can survive a long distance relationship; unfortunately, this was not one of them. Although we both cared deeply for one another we agreed that neither of us was going to make such a significant a change in our life that would keep us together.

Three weeks later Megan was on a westbound plane and out of my life forever. Two weeks after that I bought a dog and my new canine best friend and I began a nightly routine of running on the beach near my home. All in all a good trade for me, not only did I get a new best friend but almost two months to the day that Megan left, Trisha and her Golden Retriever, “Alex” moved in with me. Its amazing the things you find at the pet store these days. Megan’s new job became a casualty of a struggling economy and she emails weekly to see how I’m doing, hmmm… what will the future bring!

My online adventures at part 1


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