3 ways to lose a Sugar baby


I spend quite a lot of time telling everyone how wonderful it is to be a Sugar daddy and how to find and keep an attractive young woman, but what I rarely tell people is how to lose one. First let’s understand this; there is the intentional method of freeing yourself from a relationship and losing a girl due to your own misunderstanding of what it takes to be a Sugar daddy. Intentionally doing inappropriate things in an attempt to get a young lady to break up with you is wrong. Honesty is always the best policy and if a relationship is not working out, than be man enough to sit down and explain why it can’t go any further. Anybody can be a moron, even someone with substantial wealth, but a Sugardaddy is supposed to be a person who will lead you in a better direction, nobody ever claimed it would be with him, but you should at least be a man of class and respect.

Next, we can get on with the unintended reasons that will drive your Sugar baby away. Not taking care of your appearance is a primary method that will surely make a single woman think twice about being seen with you. If your weight and personal hygiene are not where they should be, you are showing a lack of respect for yourself and thereby an inability to care about your woman. You need to display that you are concerned about your appearance and hers as well. This is also a good method of seeing your woman naked; just place your scale in the bedroom as we all know that there is not a woman alive who will weigh themselves fully clothed!

Lastly, losing all your money will surely push a Sugar baby to find her ‘sugar’ elsewhere; after all, being a Sugar daddy is all about an upscale lifestyle. If you can’t provide her with that affluent standard of living, someone else probably can. Remember that old adage, “Men are like bank accounts, without a lot of money, they don’t generate much interest!


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  1. Now thats a hot chick…woo hoo….You da man..Zman sends

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