Considerate and thoughtful Sugar daddy


How many of you guys out there have been in the unenviable position of having to pick out a birthday present for your Sugarbabe with a relatively short amount of time to get it and almost know input form her or her friends. What makes this situation even more tenuous is that if you don’t choose wisely, you will invariably pay the price for some time to come. The absolutely worst thing you can do is to actually ask your lady what she would want for her birthday. This translates into “women speak” that you do not know her well enough to choose or are too lazy to give it any thought. If you do ask her what should would like as a present, she will almost always say, “I’m sure you will pick something wonderful” or “Just make it a thoughtful gift”, you lose in either case unless you can come up with something so unique and unexpected that her friends will tell her how lucky she is to have such a considerate and thoughtful Sugar daddy.

The key to avoid any major conflict is to get her both! The expensive gift tells her she worth every penny, and the unique gift which displays your willingness to think outside the box. If you work it correctly, you can almost get two for the price of one! Jewelry is always difficult unless you are absolutely sure of what she wants. What you can do is make a day of her present by first taking her for a spa day for the both of you. This shows her that you are willing to take part in things that she holds as important. This doesn’t work out as well if there is a major sporting event or a new episode of Sex In The City airing that day. After the spa you take her for an incredible lunch at her favorite bistro and then comes the big finish, you take her to a pre-selected Jewelry store at which you have pre-arranged to have several items you are interested in displayed for her selection. In this way you have now showed your taste and sophistication, yet having spoken to the manager in advance you will still be within a specified price range. This does not work if her friend works at the jewelry store. If you choose such a situation you deserve to be taken for an additional several thousand dollars.

There are many variations of this tactic for anyone’s financial status, but no matter what you decide, by taking some of this advice and having your Sugar babe see that there was a genuine effort made, (ok, so it only took an hour to set up!) you will avoid any interruption in the blissful status of your Sugar daddy relationship. You will however, more than likely get an ugly tie, or a gift certificate to HER favorite restaurant for your birthday, and it’s even more likely it will be charged to your credit card. Isn’t’ life great!


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