Why I chose to be a Sugar daddy



The concept goes back many years and through the ages it has finally come to a term used in good taste for a gentlemen of means that is capable of looking after a women. Believe it or not plenty of men out there are what the term “sugar daddy” implies they just do not think about it (as I wouldn’t expect them to).

Many females these days enjoy the comfort of knowing they are with a stable man of financial means and who is to blame them, come on lets be frank here who they hell doesnt enjoy a little spoiling now and again.

So after my brief introduction I decided to share my thoughts, dates, and general knowledge of what it is like to be a sugar daddy, who knows you might even want to become one yourself. Also what a lot of American do not realize is they actually come under the sugar daddy category as there is a stark contrast to what a American women is looking for in a man compared to a European women.

American women in their particulars in what they want from a man are far more concerned in where their man is going in life (his goals) God I hate that saying but it is true. European women are more concerned about the guy as a whole and secondary comes their work and what they want to achieve and probably last comes what they earn. Where American women are concerned about what there man does for a living and his financial means and goal. So with that being said I’m am not implying that American women are money hungry It is just they want a financially stable guy who can treat them.

So if you look back at what I said and you are an American man who earns a good living who is to say that in a mild way that you are not a sugar daddy without acutally knowing it.

Empowering this blog “isn’t it”.

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27 responses to “Why I chose to be a Sugar daddy

  1. 2twentythree3

    😛 lol nice..

  2. iambipolar2

    Thank your for your comment on my blog. Yours is very interesting, for sure! I’m married and I’m trying to help him to a point to where he can be my sugar daddy. LoL.

  3. serenity79

    thanks for commenting on my blog also. I have to agree with what “iambipolar2” said. You blog is very interesting. I have always thought the term sugardaddy wasn’t a real thing, Till now.
    I dont understand why a man would want to be a sugardaddy, even at age fourty they can find a woman. Unless its the commitment thing.
    My soon to be ex-husband is 42 and i am 28

  4. keepitshort

    interesting…and your ok with being a sugar-daddy? sounds like european women are the way to go. as an american, id say most of what you say is true, sad but true. but doesnt mean that these women are just leechers (at least i hope not), maybe they’re just as successful, and want someone like them too. cheers.

  5. sickscorpio

    Its good to have a feeling of control, whether ones own life or someone else’s (as long as its all for good).

  6. zachwr

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    So, any definition on ASIAN women?

  7. MsLady

    After your comment on the blog, you know I had to check you out. Sugar daddies need not apply here, though. Neither should men who are intimidated by a woman with drive. Not saying I want to be a “do-it-yourselfer” for life. A help-mate would be great; but not a “savior.”
    MsLady of http://www.singlenochaser.com.

  8. Thanks for stopping by. Interesting concept you got going here…

  9. Yeah, so my question is…how can we turn the man we already have into a sugar daddy…gosh, I obviously did it the WRONG WAY!!! Thanks for the comment on my first post ever, btw.

  10. unepomme

    what if you get emotionally attached, does that mess up the concept or not?

  11. kandroo

    Very interesting blog. I had to stop by and check you out after you left me a comment. I’ve obviously heard the term ‘sugar daddy’, but I did not realize that people aspired to be such. Cool.

  12. Kake

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to know others feel the same as I do about Paris. Though I’ve never thought of “sugar daddy” as a derogatory title, you’ve taken it a step rather, very commendable.

  13. lawrencesiow

    thanks for passing by, your blog is an interesting insight to the dating world i must say.

  14. Dubai-based chicks are a lot like US chicks ha! Sugar-daddies are a pretty common brand here as well I dare say! 😉

  15. girldujour

    I would venture to say that a “sugar” relationship is probably more open, honest and mutually beneficial than most marriages. 🙂

  16. bellaisabella15

    Great blog.

    XOXO Isabella

  17. well, Mr. Daddy. I am going to have to disagree with you on this point. Only because of the time I lived in Europe and my experiences there. I found the women to be horribly superficial. Of course, living in London, probably didn’t help as everyone is oozing money.

    It just so happens I met my own British sugar daddy, by total mishap. I thought he was very nice, funny, etc. and we eventually started dating. He moved to America so we could be together and it was then that I found out he came from one of the richest families in Europe. I had no idea he had money. I think he was so eager to leave everything and move here because I might have been the first person who actually wasn’t trying to get anything from him. Heartbreaking, really.

    Unfortunately, I later found that he was addicted to heroin, so after two years of hell I ended it. But, I’ve never known anyone so miserable and so rich as that man in all my life. Sadly, from the outside, many people envy him.

    So that’s my take on rich men and gold diggin women. hah.

  18. internetdrama

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, good to know that I’m on point with my take on forgiveness. Also, I respect that your honest about your sugardaddy status, you definitely present in an offhanded neutral way.

  19. bmysugardaddy

    Thanks for the insightful story. People dont realize that some of us do make a good living but we need to feel wanted, desired, needed, and of course pampered. Its nice to spend time with a man that has a great personality, that I can laugh with, make love to, and then look forward to our next meeting. Im really not a gold digger.. just a woman exploring her sexuality..

  20. Jen

    This whole sugar daddy thing just blows my mind.
    I was married to an amazing man. I stood behind him in everything he chose to do. He started his career, worked hard and climbed the ladder to success. He made lots of money. Enough for us to live comfortably.

    My main concern was never how much money he made, but what made him happy. I was very much into us being a couple in every way, especially with communication, meeting each others needs and having FUN. He fell on hard times when a mental condition reared its ugly head. I stayed right by his side through it all. He had a breakdown of sorts, and again, getting him well was my priority, not the money.

    And in the end it got me nowhere. I gave my everything to that man and our relationship because I loved HIM, not his potential bank roll. He ended up becoming a crack head and now I have NOTHING.

    I find it very disturbing when I see women that just want to be bank rolled. I mean, yeah, sure, I would like the finer things in life too. Especially since I worked just as hard as he did to have those things. But my life would be void of so much without the rest of what I crave, which is FUN, love, children, etc.

    I am envious, I guess, that these women can live this way and be happy. It seems a lot less complicated than what I just spent 11 years of my life doing. *sigh*

  21. improve vertical

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree with your view on european women, it really depends. I know many who see themselves as prizes and are looking for men with money.

  22. Jamilla

    Where can I as a 27yr old black BBW find a Sugar Daddy? I enjoy sex, especially with an older man and I want to be treated like a princess

  23. Naked Revelations

    I just LOVE your blog! I just spent the last hour cramming in as many blogs as I could! Frank and real… much like I aspire to be!

    I’ll definitely keep reading!

  24. Kris

    Very much enjoyed the blog. Still lookin’ for my “daddy”….but the whole “bbw” thing kinda throws them off I think!(I don’t kick my stomach when I walk….hahaha) Lol. Keep up the good work!

  25. Hanji

    Think about it, in Europe, they have universal health care so people are less worried about being sick in the streets. It’s not so much that American women are more money hungry, it’s that anyone who is practical looks for a mate, male or female, who can help support them and a potential family, If you take health care out of the picture, the repercussions of poverty is less severe and a rich older man may not be as competitive as a mate as a hot younger one.

  26. Lisa

    I enjoyed reading your blog. As a woman (40) that is starting over in life with two kids I sought a sugar daddy several times more for the reasons of stability coupled with maturity. However, the would be possible “SD’s” were in their own mind Sugar Daddies but I found I made more money, was more mature and even owning my own business found myself being asked for help and I’m a giver so found I was more out of pocket on gifts than would be Sugar Daddies.

    The goal was a safe, wealthy man (because it’s the mark of a man with his priorities in order), that I could enjoy sexually without the head games. I love sex but I don’t won’t to give it out like tic tacs to anyone. I’m even attractive and get flirted with by my co-workers, clients (Web Developer) and strangers alike but I’m private so I don’t acknowledge those advances. How does one find a Sugar Daddy?

  27. Love hearing your viewpoint this whole Sugar Daddy/Baby thing is a new world to me and it is fascinating.

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