How I Found My Sugar Babe


There I was in the Congo…ok maybe not, but I got you to pause and think for a second. So many times I’m asked how I actually went about finding a Sugar babe, and I have to stop and think for a moment before I answer them. I’d like to say that it all took place on some remote tropical paradise, that I saw her from afar and then played a game of cat and mouse until I finally had her for myself, or that one day while I was cruising on my yacht, I spotted her floating on a raft far out to sea and rescued her from certain death. The truth of the matter is that most often I use my tried and true pick-up line, “hello”. There ya, go, the truth is out, my never fail ‘line du jour’ is merely saying hello and introducing myself. Not quite the suave and debonair manner which you would have expected me to have attractive young women fall at my feet, but the truth is, it works.

Now I must admit I have some other things going for me as well, such as my boyish charm and impish grin along with my dazzling green eyes. These combined with that incredible opening line we spoke of earlier are a great start, (although, they really don’t work as well in the online dating venues). The thing that brings all of this together is personality, anyone can walk up to someone and say hello but you have to sell the deal with a smile and some witty dialogue, otherwise you are just another one of the crowd of hapless men using the volume technique in hopes some single woman will at some point say yes. Your personality must shine from the first eye contact and show the confidence that resulted in you approaching her. There are many other methods that work in various situations, such as pulling up to your favorite night spot in a hundred thousand dollar car, or offering to fly her and her friend to Las Vegas for a weekend at the Palms in Las Vegas, but even with those tried and true methods, it still all comes right down to saying ‘hello’.


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