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The Vip Sugar daddy Treatment


My friend Benny has always wondered how I know so much about what is going on in the world of sports and entertainment, usually a day or two before this kind of information becomes public. I sometimes tell him it’s because I have this sixth sense about such things, but the truth is I spend a lot of time in the VIP rooms and champagne lounges of many of the hottest night clubs and see and hear much of what is not yet public knowledge. Geez, I wish this would work with the stock market! If you are just the normal average ‘club-goer’, more than likely you have seen people like me walk past the lines to get in and have the doorman smile at me and beckon me inside. If you are lucky enough to get inside this club you may see me vanish into a back room while a very large man glares menacingly at you if you try to follow.

The VIP rooms and champagne lounges are actually clubs within a club with the only difference is that we are catered to in an extreme way. There are no crowds pushing and shoving you and drinks may be brought to the table with the bottle they were poured from. The hostess may only have you and another table to pamper as her tip for the evening may be more than most people in the outside room make in a week. You may think it obscene to spend this kind of money, but to be a successful Sugar daddy, you first must be incredibly successful. The social networking that can take place in this atmosphere is worth the amount you may spend. By networking with the upscale individuals you may find out about some cutting edge technology or rub elbows with an up and coming fashion designer. If by spending a few thousand dollars for the evening you can become friendly with a well know sports figure and then get him to endorse or use your product, that may become the best money you could have ever spent.

The VIP rooms are not for everyone as it takes deep pockets and a cast iron stomach to spend much time there. But you must realize that you are not like everyone else, you are in the upper crust of society and will spend time where all the women are beautiful and the champagne flows like a river. Benny, eat your heart out!


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Friends hostile takeover attempt.


How many times have you gone out to dinner with one of your Sugar babes and taken along one of your friends as sort of the third wheel. Everything seems harmless enough but your friend starts acting a bit strangely and begins offering a few tidbits of information that you would have preferred your date not know. Keep a close eye on your friend when this begins to occur, as what will most frequently follow is not going to be pleasant! Notice that your buddy will begin a prolonged stare at your Sugar babes when he starts divulging this information, and that the information has now begun to minimize your accomplishments while maximizing his own. The writing is now on the wall; your so-called friend is making a covert play for your date. This happens a lot more frequently than you might suspect, and although most of the time it is done without your friend realizing he is doing it, (even good friends might do this unconsciously, but they will quickly snap out of it and back into friend mode), however, not so good friends have made a direct attack on your territory. This can never be tolerated, and you must nip it in the bud, causing as much pain and suffering upon the intruder as is possible.

If the young lady you are with, is very intuitive, she will pick up on this very quickly, and if she is truly someone that wants to be with you she will shut him down in a heartbeat, if not, you may want to cut the evening short, permanently drop off the lady, and crack your former friend in the mouth with a roll of nickels. If the lady is not perceptive enough to pick up on this behavior then you must take this matter into your own hands. Remember that this woman is with you. You are her current Sugar daddy, and as such she will have placed some matter of faith and confidence in your abilities to be the alpha male. To do this you must take every unsavory comment your friend discloses and turn it into a joke, trying your best to make him the punchline. It’s always good to show him as the womanizer he obviously is by mentioning his past conquests, this gives him the impression you are bragging about him but from a woman’s view point, this may have a negative effect, as she would think he is playing her as just another conquest. After talking about these past indiscretions, if he is not properly reduced in attitude, you may follow it up by saying “ so, how’s that last round of antibiotics working for ya”? Isn’t life grand!

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Leave the party girl at the party!


I was spending some time people watching on Ocean Drive, in the South Beach area of Miami last Friday night. Since I live in that immediate area, I can stroll the beach or have a drink at one of them many sidewalk bistros that line the main drag, and just sit and take in the flavor of the tropical atmosphere. I remember when I was a bit younger how this area used to be my stomping grounds, and I would rarely if ever go home alone. Now that I wear a slight older man’s clothes my view of the party lifestyle has significantly changed. While sitting with a friend at the News Café, I happened to notice a very attractive young woman sashaying her way down the street with some friends. Their group was loud and a little bit obnoxious, but nonetheless fun to watch. As they passed, aside from trying to understand what the obsession is with wearing thong panties with jeans that barely cover her buttocks, I overheard them talking about which club they were going to hit next. The guys that were with them, kept them from stumbling as they clearly were not in driving condition. We had been joined by two other friends for our second round of appetizers and drinks, or maybe it was the third, but shortly thereafter these same women came sashaying back up Ocean Drive only this time they were being supported and fondled by an entirely different group of gentleman. This made me think back about all the similar women I had dated, and how the partying lifestyle never was conducive to building solid relationships.

It is my solemn belief that as a Sugar daddy I need to choose wisely as to whom I will act in a capacity as educator and benefactor. It seems that the “Party Girls” of today have little or no respect for themselves or those who care about them, let alone any boyfriends that are left home on party nights. If you choose to have a relationship with a young woman, it is vitally important that this relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. If these elements are not there you may as well pull up at the front of any exclusive club in a $200K sports car and pick the little hottie that you want to go home with. This is very much like going to the supermarket to buy a piece of meat, as you will undoubtedly forget about this choice cut shortly after devouring it. If you are a true Sugar daddy, you will choose wisely as although you may not be looking for an everlasting relationship, you are not looking for a one night stand either. What is the point of showing a beautiful young lady a better than average lifestyle, if you feel it will be wasted on the hardcore party lifestyle. The perfect Sugarbabe may occasional go out and enjoy life to the fullest but she does it with class and dignity. She is someone you are proud to have on your arm and never have to worry whose arms are holding her up. As far as party girls are concerned, leave the party girl at the party!


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Dating a young woman with children


Many Sugardaddies find themselves in the awkward position of dating a young woman with children. These women are sometimes financially strapped and can use an experience mentor or benefactor to help get them back on the track to stability. You may also find a young lady with children that comes from a wealthy, established background herself and merely prefers to date within her own socio-economic circle. In either of these cases you may come across those individuals who assist in the care of the children. In the average or middle class neighborhood you will find the baby sitter and in the upscale district you will find the nanny or au pair. Words of advice…”leave the nanny alone!” You should not even get into conversation with this woman as even the slightest hint of friendship will result in your attractive young lady friend growing horns and fangs ready to rip you to pieces. How many times have you seen on television the young post teen babysitter beginning a torrid affair with the man of the house? How many times have we seen the nightly news discuss a divorce with the reason being a tryst with the nanny? This cannot end well!

My suggestion to you is to treat the babysitter like the guy from the Internal Revenue Service who just told you that you owe a ridiculous amount of back taxes. In your mind, picture not that sweet angelic face of youth that you can’t wait to get your grubby little paws on, but imagine she looks former secretary of state Margaret Albright or Prince Charles in a dress. What I am trying to say is ‘keep away from the nanny!’ If you can pay complete disregard to your girlfriend’s babysitter, she will consider you to be entirely trustworthy which can make your life much, much more delightful. So remember no matter how enticing she may be, keep your distance from you girlfriends nanny, after all, I never said anything about a friend’s babysitter!

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Considerate and thoughtful Sugar daddy


How many of you guys out there have been in the unenviable position of having to pick out a birthday present for your Sugarbabe with a relatively short amount of time to get it and almost know input form her or her friends. What makes this situation even more tenuous is that if you don’t choose wisely, you will invariably pay the price for some time to come. The absolutely worst thing you can do is to actually ask your lady what she would want for her birthday. This translates into “women speak” that you do not know her well enough to choose or are too lazy to give it any thought. If you do ask her what should would like as a present, she will almost always say, “I’m sure you will pick something wonderful” or “Just make it a thoughtful gift”, you lose in either case unless you can come up with something so unique and unexpected that her friends will tell her how lucky she is to have such a considerate and thoughtful Sugar daddy.

The key to avoid any major conflict is to get her both! The expensive gift tells her she worth every penny, and the unique gift which displays your willingness to think outside the box. If you work it correctly, you can almost get two for the price of one! Jewelry is always difficult unless you are absolutely sure of what she wants. What you can do is make a day of her present by first taking her for a spa day for the both of you. This shows her that you are willing to take part in things that she holds as important. This doesn’t work out as well if there is a major sporting event or a new episode of Sex In The City airing that day. After the spa you take her for an incredible lunch at her favorite bistro and then comes the big finish, you take her to a pre-selected Jewelry store at which you have pre-arranged to have several items you are interested in displayed for her selection. In this way you have now showed your taste and sophistication, yet having spoken to the manager in advance you will still be within a specified price range. This does not work if her friend works at the jewelry store. If you choose such a situation you deserve to be taken for an additional several thousand dollars.

There are many variations of this tactic for anyone’s financial status, but no matter what you decide, by taking some of this advice and having your Sugar babe see that there was a genuine effort made, (ok, so it only took an hour to set up!) you will avoid any interruption in the blissful status of your Sugar daddy relationship. You will however, more than likely get an ugly tie, or a gift certificate to HER favorite restaurant for your birthday, and it’s even more likely it will be charged to your credit card. Isn’t’ life great!

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Weather and women


Living here in the tropical climate of South Florida, I have come to realize that the weather can change in an instant. One minute it can be bright blue skies and the next the wind picks up and a torrential downpour begins. What makes this even stranger is that you can actually see the weather begin to turn and then come at you. Many times it will be raining cats and dogs a block away but, the sun will be out and it is smooth sailing a hundreds yards from you. The key to avoiding getting caught in this storm is that you can actually see it coming and have time to get out of the way. This is incredibly similar to the mood swings of many women I have dated. The only real difference is that in the weather scenario, I am usually smart enough to come in out of the rain, with the women; I get pounded by the squall!

Men should almost always see these storms coming, after all in previous decades there was a reason that hurricanes were always named after women! We can usually see the storm in a woman’s evil little mind starting to brew and intensify in strength, yet we still stand there and wait for it to reach maximum ferocity. We stand, watch and wait. Why is it that we know that we are about to get pummeled, yet we are not smart enough to run for cover. The analogies of women and those beautiful things found in nature are endless, we have already discussed the beautiful calm before the storm, but there is also the stunning rose that will draw blood with its thorns as readily as will deliver that sweet smelling aroma. We need to remind ourselves as men, that also there is extreme and exquisite segments to a beautiful woman, we need to be on guard for changes in the force! After all, doesn’t the black widow spider quite often kill her mate?.

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My best date of the year


She was not the hottest girl I had taken out this year, nor was she the sexiest, but Emily was by far the most intriguing and had captivated me totally the first minute I laid eyes on her. Sometimes, you see a girl and know from the get go that this person was going to be apart of your life for many, many years. Have I mentioned yet that Emily is 5 years old? Don’t get yourself in an uproar, I’m no pedophile, Emily is the daughter of my business partner and I just seem to melt anytime she is near. My partner and his wife needed to leave town on a family emergency last weekend, and since it was an unfortunate last minute occurrence, I offered to watch the budding young starlet until the next day when they returned. Some men would shudder to think about the responsibility of looking after a child overnight, but for some reason animals and children seem to respond well to me.

Our day started promptly at noon when Emily’s parents departed and we decided to go to her favorite place, “The Mall”! For some reason women of all ages seem to gravitate to places where large sums of money are spent. I guess it starts at a very young age and just intensifies as they get older. I figured at age five, this was going to be the easiest I was ever going to get off bringing a female to what seems to be their mother ship, so I embraced the moment. We strolled the mall for about an hour, with newly purchased teddy bears and a hideous fish pillow that she refused to release from her tiny grasp.
We settled at the food court and as I was cutting her favorite food (pizza) into bite size pieces, I noticed that I was being stared at my several pairs of eyes. I am used to this when I go out to restaurants or night clubs, but in those instances they are usually thinking about how much my date’s boob job cost or where the rest of her dress was, in this case, I was viewed by a number of exceptionally attractive women who were actually smiling with approval at me, and how the adorable Emily was laughing and smiling at my every word.

That day came to an end with me tucking my little beauty into her bed after an obligatory kiss on the forehead. I sat back and thought about the day and how wonderful it was. Now, ladies, don’t get all giddy with anticipation as I was not thinking about finding that special woman and working on getting an Emily of my very own. What I was thinking was how much my partner would charge me to rent her every now and then to troll her through malls and other places where attractive women might congregate. After all, like most women I date, she still has about 5-7 years left before she too gets too old for my purposes!

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