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Sugardaddy’s are King of the Forest!

Dominant males are continually looking to increase their range and thus increase their ability to choose the most desirable mates, they also get the “lion’s share” of the meals and are most likely to pass on their genes to future generations. This is as true in the world of Sugardaddy dating as it is in the animal kingdom. Wealthy men have the means to best provide for the object of their affection, they do not have to worry about where the next meal is coming from, they can help out with the bills, and are in demand by the sought after sugarbabe.

The alpha male of a species is much like the owner of a large corporation, he controls the territory, decides who is allowed in, and reaps the rewards if the company is successful. If he fails, he is driven out of business much as the Alpha male Lion would be driven from the pride after a challenger has defeated him. More than likely, as many women do, the females would most happily follow the new King of the Jungle. After all, how many times have you seen the beautiful secretary, administrative assistant or sugarbabe follow the ousted Executive or “former” Sugardaddy out the door? (The movie Jerry McGuire does not count!) Wealthy men and powerful Lion’s rule, it is the law of the universe.

The Sugarbabe, and to a lesser extent, attractive women in general are not as fickle as they may have us believe. They use their womanly guile to lure wealthy men into a false sense of security, bolstering their confidence, which the cunning Sugarbabe has almost complete control of. When his confidence is at its peak, is when he actually is the most vulnerable to the attractive. Many people think that the man has the advantage on dating sites such as, but the opposite is usually true. The male Lion for his part is most vulnerable to challenge while several females catering to his every whim are surrounding him. He gets lazy, complacent and open to attack.

The comparisons may be a stretch, but this article should be a wake up call to those Sugardaddie’s who are living large, have an abundance of attractive women clamoring for their attention and may just be getting a bit overconfident. Remember, you were once that young Lion waiting for that opportunity to elevate your station in life, and that gorgeous young woman on your on may have recently been whispering sweet nothings in the ear of someone else who may have let his guard down for just an instant.


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