Sugar Daddy Relationship


Sometimes it amazes me how many of my friends who envy my Sugar daddy lifestyle seem to think that I just go out to a bar at night and pick up a young and energetic attractive woman and ‘poof’, I am now involved in a Sugar daddy relationship. These are also the same people who told me to buy all the real estate I could get, just two short years ago! To them I politely say, “so how’s that working out for ya!” When searching for a Sugar babe, you are actually looking for someone to spend time with, as much as we may hope, the entire world does not take place in a bedroom, ok…a lot of time yes, but not all the time. So, for this reason, you may want to find someone who is not only aesthetically pleasing, intelligent, but has some similar interests.

I love the ocean; I love everything about it, from surfing to scuba diving. For me, it is vitally important that I find an attractive young lady who enjoys this as well, especially since so much of my time is spent in aquatic pursuits. Now here’s the news flash, there are great single women who enjoy the same things I do! So, why should I spend my time searching the night spots, when I can find someone during one of my adventures, who I can relate to better? Being a Sugar daddy is not about sex, its about experiencing new and exciting things. If I meet a pretty, athletic girl along the beach in South Florida, think about the fun both of us can have on the beach during a weekend in Cancun!

Although a Sugar daddy relationship quite often suggests a financial arrangement with younger attractive ladies for the purpose of showing them a more affluent lifestyle, there is always the possibility that more a traditional relationship would be welcome well. Because this is always a possibility, I try to associate with single women that share common interests and may just need a bit of push or assistance in moving ahead in life. Depending on your mood, you may prefer the woman that you have little in common with, she would however not be a Sugar babe, she is known as a one night stand.



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3 responses to “Sugar Daddy Relationship

  1. I need to find a sugar daddy! 🙂


    im actually a woman

  3. joannalanephotography

    Hi, thank you for commenting on my photo!! Your last sentence should have an ‘n’ for Know’n’ instead of just Know, other than that I liked reading your page sugar

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