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Hardly a day goes by when you don’t see a television talk show host mentioning the Sugar daddy dating phenomenon. The original and arguably the most popular dating site of the Sugar daddy theme is still going strong. Technology continues to re-invent itself and the applications that can be used to enhance one’s Internet experience continue to amaze me. I am seeing new smart phone apps available almost everyday that makes the online dating experience accessed from a phone almost as intimate as from your home PC. It makes me wonder where the online dating sites will go from here.

The reasons for joining an online dating site such as are becoming abundantly clear. With an increasingly uncertain economy and the looming threats of government shutdowns, forced health care plans and rising costs of education many attractive women have turned to dating in order to be able to not only live an above average lifestyle but for survival as well.  The majority of the men they date are more than happy to foot the bill for many of life’s necessities in return for the company of an attractive woman. The question then becomes is this type of dating moral or merely intelligent and attractive woman being much more selective in whom they choose to date?


As stated by many men and women who have gotten together through sites like, is it not typical that people engaged in some type of relationship assist one another as they see fit? Don’t less affluent couples help one another through the more difficult times in their lives? Of course they do, its wrong that people be branded solely because of wealth or looks, after all they are doing the exact same thing that the average dating couple may do.

It’s just as easy to fall for a rich man or an attractive woman, as it is to fall for a person of more average looks and wealth. Sugardaddy themed websites merely make it much more efficient for those who choose to be more selective in their dating criteria to find exactly what they are looking for. There is no pretense on these websites, the members know precisely what they are looking for and any expectations are recognized.

Almost 12 years ago recognized a need to create a venue for men and women who desire to live an above average lifestyle.  They created a dating site in which they could meet, interact decide if their wants and needs were complimentary. Since then many sites have tried to emulate this one, but it’s always nice to dance with the girl that brought you!



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Sugar Daddy Dating Site Will Help You Find Your Sugar Babe

A great deal of wealthy men who have worked hard to get to where they are today find themselves with little time for a relationship. Due to the fact that many of these successful gentlemen are also very private people, a majority of them have turned to the Internet to find their very own sugar baby.

There are many online dating sites available to us but if you’re a wealthy man your focus should be on joining a website that caters specifically to successful and affluent males. It is on such a site that you will find an abundance of beautiful women better known as sugar babies who are looking for successful men such as yourself.

What makes Internet dating sites the ideal choice for wealthy men who have busy schedules is that these sites are extremely convenient and much less time consuming than visiting the singles bars. Not having enough free time to date is probably one of the biggest reasons most affluent wealthy men find themselves not in relationships but this can be easily be remedied by joining a dating site.

Privacy is also another concern for males who have acquired a great deal of wealth which is why you most likely will not spot them in a singles bar searching for a sugar baby. Many affluent gentlemen would prefer to be more discreet which would make seeking a relationship over the Internet a suitable option for them.

Beautiful women are drawn towards wealthy dating sites because of the quality of men they can expect to find on there. The logic behind this is that if a man has the ability to go out into the world and become a success, chances are they are also educated, well spoken and goal driven individuals which are character traits many women seek in a man. It is for this reason a dating site such as would be the ideal place to find a sugar baby.

As you can see, online dating sites have changed the way men and women go about meeting each other. Whether you’re a man who would like to find a sugar baby or a woman looking to meet a quality man, the time is now to start enjoying your life but it’s up to you to take that first step.

There is a common misconception that all a sugar baby needs to be is extremely attractive. While although there is some element of truth in this statement, beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder and each Sugardaddy may have his own perception of what his sugar baby should be. It is however, imperative for the sugar baby to be able to fit into a multitude of situations which may very well include a black tie affair and mingling or meeting people with other members of her benefactor’s social circle. It is for this reason that the sugar baby not only be reasonably educated but well versed in a variety of topics and current events. Single women that are all looks and little substance would be doing her sugar daddy a disservice and can actually hurt her chances to move up the social ladder.

Another common misconception is that a sugar baby is looking for a slightly older gentleman who has acquired a significant amount of experience and wealth in his life and is now in a position to assist a sugar baby meet people that are influential in her quest for a more affluent lifestyle. Much younger men are now achieving such success but have little time to seek out a long term relationship; therefore the sugar baby arrangement can be a mutually beneficial association.

The world wide web has now made the connection process easier for both the sugar baby and the wealthy man as the incredible growth of online dating sites especially has sped up the ‘getting-to-know-you’ process and put these individuals in a position to jumpstart their relationship.

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Famous Sugar Daddies

How did this whole sugar daddy thing started? Young women see celebrity couples and want to follow their favorite stars. There are so many examples of celebrity couples who’s age difference is 25 average. Let’s take Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. They have 25 years of difference and look great together! They even have two kids together. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn have huge gap in between… 35 years! Can’t say they look as good as Douglas and Jones, but hey, as long as they are happy together…

So why wouldn’t any beautiful young woman want to look good as Jones! They do want some rich, respectable older man who loves them and to take care of them. They are great inspiration to all sugar daddies that are not celebrities but have a lot of money. There are many older men who are not bad looking for their age and still can afford a young cutie. Since most of the sugar daddy and sugar babe relationships I have mentioned are long term that might tell a lot about the woman. She is not only young and beautiful, but also smart and really devoted to her sugar daddy. Why would she stay with him for more than a month at least after marriage if not love? Yes, I can tell you are thinking about prenuptial agreement, but then why to have kids? It is very serious. I wish we would follow celebrities in all good stuff.


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Figuring out how to meet a millionaire and change your life for good

Shannon was a girl from a typical little town in the Midwest. She was a cheerleader in high school, dated various local guys, and from there went to a nearby junior college. Shannon, like many other girls that grew up in the heartland, felt that she was missing out on something in life, and decided she wanted something better. Shannon, however, had an advantage to most girls, in addition to being extremely intelligent, she was also exceptionally attractive. She then put a lot of time and effort into figuring out how to meet a millionaire and change her life for good.

Not all girls are capable of determining the best methods to find a rich sugardaddy or understand how to meet a millionaire, or even understanding the difference between the two. The definition of a sugardaddy in the true sense of the word may imply a slightly older gentleman willing to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with younger attractive ladies for the purpose of showing them a more affluent lifestyle. Just because you are learning how to meet a millionaire or find a rich sugardaddy, does not mean that something real and perhaps more of a traditional relationship is not possible.

Shannon figured this out by understanding what it was that the very wealthy wanted, which in her reasoning was not merely an attractive and intelligent woman, but the perception of teaching someone about a world that in most cases would be far out of reach. There were a lot of good looking women searching for the same thing that she was, so she knew she had to stand out in the crowd. By studying about finance and the stock market, reading a newspaper everyday to keep current on world events, Shannon was able to use her good looks to get into that inner circle of the wealthy, but her intelligence and polish were the key to being able to stay in touch with the upscale crowd. You might even say that Shannon not only knew how to meet a millionaire, she also knew how to keep one.

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The Sugardaddy Relationship phenomenon

The Sugar Daddy dating-relationship phenomenon has been exploding across the internet for the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Wealthy men and exceptionally attractive young ladies have become captivated with the notion of the Sugar daddy experience. Beautiful women are abundant as can be, as demonstrated by viewing television shows or glamour magazines. The beaches of Miami and Malibu are flooded with attractive and fit, single women who would jump at the opportunity to enter into a relationship, especially if those men could provide a better than average lifestyle for them. These affluent men are more than willing to assist these ladies in their quest for material comfort in return for companionship and entertainment.

Some might argue the point that these liaisons between the wealthy men and the beautiful younger women are nothing more illicit affairs. That the sugar daddy is taking advantage of the young woman by tempting her with exotic vacations, exquisite cuisine and fine gifts, but nothing can be further from the truth. This entire relationship must be a mutually beneficial one that is based on respect and understanding. There is a misconception that all sugar daddy relationships are between a well-to-do middle aged sugar daddy and extraordinary beautiful girl, this is not true. Many of these relationships begin as friendships between older wealthy men and average looking women who may need just a little help or a mentor in order to attain the standard of living that they desire in life.

It is very common for an older sugar daddy type to establish himself as father figure to young girls in need of an education into the ways of the world. Quite often these girls may have come from broken homes or from relationships in which they may have been mentally abused by someone closer to their own age. Young girls are often preyed upon by younger sugar daddy impersonators, who may not have the means to support themselves, let alone provide for their significant other in a relationship. This ‘bad boy’ sugar daddy copycat often leaves a young lady with a bitter taste towards any future relationships, and a kindly more secure older gentleman might be just the catalyst needed to propel this battered duckling into a beautiful swan.


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Arrangements between beautiful girls and successful older men

beautiful girls

It used to be said that beautiful girls had little, if any trouble getting the man they desired. It was also said that it was just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one. Having said this, lets delve a little deeper into the world of those beautiful girls who have chosen to enter into arrangements with older more experienced and wealthy men. These women are called sugar babies. Such women come from all walks of life and may themselves be of an affluent upbringing or possibly from more modest means. The connection between these beautiful girls may be a relatively simple one, they both want to live a better than average lifestyle and are searching for the instrument that will get them there, the ‘Sugar daddy’.

The role of the sugardaddy has been interpreted in a variety of ways over the centuries, from that of a nobleman becoming the mentor of younger woman of standing in early Europe, to that character brilliantly portrayed by the legendary Maurice Chevalier in the movie ‘Gigi’, where he explains to his nephew, played by Louis Jourdan, that marriage need not be the only choice. Beautiful girls have always had the ability to catch the eye of men, especially those men who have achieved much in their lives, possibly at the expense of an abridged version of their youth. To these men it seems like a small price to pay to support and educate these young ladies in return for the companionship of a charming and energetic beautiful girl.

The key to a successful relationship between the well-to-do gentleman and the beautiful girls he desires is that of luxury and kindness, for this must be more than a business arrangement; it must be based on mutual respect and a shared vision. Many in the media have portrayed the role of the Sugardaddy and his Sugar Babies as something similar to that of only a sexual liaison, but they fail to understand that this relationship goes far beyond the physical, and quite frequently may lead to a long term relationship and in some instances marriage. The arrangements between beautiful girls and successful older men has been going on for centuries and will continue to do so. The significant current state of these relationships is that they are now out of the shadows and can be enjoyed without the secrecy of the past.


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Friends with benefits


Friends with benefits

Have you ever been involved in some sort of relationship or romance and not quite known how to define it? The Sugardaddy is not merely hooking up for the evening with a stranger, yet not really more than friends who enjoy occasionally sleeping together. This is the kind of sex in which one of the couple will more than likely find some excuse not to spend the night and slips out the door, in the wee hours of the morning. These types of relationships are commonly called friends with benefits. As a Sugardaddy, I have on many occasions invited a woman, who was a good friend of mine, to travel with me on a business trip to a nice location. I may have had a semi girlfriend at the time or she, a boyfriend, and although there may have been a bit of jealousy by the significant other, it was rare that my girlfriend would volunteer to assist me with my networking or jobs unless the destination was overseas or international travel. The friends with benefits relationship is first and foremost as a friend, a woman, who happens to have some quality or sexuality about her that makes you want to enjoy more than a bit of social conversation and dinner.

Sometimes those who are mixed up in friends with benefits type relationship are thought of as ‘the player’, that kind of individual who does not want a stable relationship or girlfriend. The player is great with sharing advice with others on how to deal with the female population, and can burn up the social networking and message boards with overstated accounts of his conquests, but the true friends with benefits relationships are usually just that, sex between consenting good friends. If an individual is lucky enough to be in such a quasi-romance, while not currently in a monogamous relationship, remember that because you sleep with someone, the Sugardaddy is not necessarily in a dating relationship with them, but you do owe them your respect and honesty. Friends with benefits occasionally turn into something more so its important to build trust while sharing this adventure.

A Sugardaddy is not the player. He is more of an instructor, teaching undergraduates in the science of building a more affluent lifestyle. He is neither a video star nor an advice columnist. He is first and foremost a friend, and on occasion, friends with benefits!.


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