Power Couples or Sugardaddies


A friend recently asked me if I would change my dating style to be with females of the rich and famous persuasion such as Nicky Hilton, notice I said Nicky and not Paris Hilton, even I have my standards. Anyway, I thought long and hard about this said very convincingly, absolutely! Just as wealth and power are an aphrodisiac to most women, it is also true for men. The difference is not in a change of lifestyle but more in terms of compromises. As a Sugardaddy you hold most of the cards as it’s your money and lifestyle that is being shared, but if you are dating someone similar to the Hilton sisters, your control is negated by there own fortunes and influence. The great thing about this type of relationship is that you know the person truly wants to be around you as their financial situation is as good as or better than your own. The downside is that they do not need you for anything other than emotional reasons and this as we have all learned is an unpredictable thing.

This type of relationship is not easy there are always people dissecting every move you make. We need look no further than the union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Both are Hollywood power brokers yet their relationship is constantly under scrutiny by the media and every housewife standing on line at the checkout of the local grocery store. By comparison, the wealthy man dating a woman who may be equally attractive to Ms. Jolie or the beautiful Jennifer Aniston for that matter, may be able to fly under the radar of the public eye and therefore maintain more control over his lifestyle. The Sugardaddy is not in search of publicity as he requires nothing more than to share his affluent lifestyle with another on his own terms.

We frequently read about sports stars and their dating habits, such as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and his super model girlfriend Gisele Bundchen, and let’s not forget Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson; these are high profile individuals who are under intense scrutiny constantly. We never seem to think that these sports stars work for someone who actually owns the teams they play for and pay their salary.

The stars work for others who hire them for specific roles, but we never hear about them as they are the control behind the scenes. A Sugardaddy holds such control, he may enable others to live a better than average lifestyle, but at the end of the day he reigns supreme, and isn’t that what being a Sugardaddy is all about, having the control and choice to offer your wealth and experience to those you deem worthy?


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  1. Great post as always….You gotta love the Sugardaddy point of view..Zman sends

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