Wealthy man with large belly and larger wallet.


Have you seen the muffin man?

We have on numerous occasions on this blog stated how important it is to keep your appearance up, try your best to keep in shape, and to dress for success. Although this is the general consensus for most Sugardaddies, we are now about to explain the exception to this rule. I like to call this type of Sugardaddy “the muffin man”. My buddy Gordon is just such a person. Gordon, lives a life of luxury due in part to a healthy trust fund and in larger part to a small gizmo that he invented some years ago that had to do with women’s bras, which he sold for a bundle. We call Gordon the Muffin man because his belly hangs over his trousers like the top of a muffin. Gordon, does not care how this makes him look and is probably one the happiest people I have ever met. This is the key to the exception, if you are happy with yourself and do not care what other people think, you have an excellent chance of having people wanting to spend time with your as your delight with yourself seems to be infectious, and everyone gets happy being around you.

You do not have to be a chubby chaser if you are this type of individual, as it seems this is the one exception when personality actually does triumph over physical attributes, not always, but occasionally. As a wealthy man with a large belly, I mean wallet, you can still be discerning over your approach to dating beautiful women. When a Sugardaddy party is set to take place at the residence of one of these portly, yet well adjusted men, you can be sure that it will be an event for the ages, as these gentlemen really know how to throw a bash, complete with food, drink and plenty of pole dancing. The reason that the “muffin man” can frequently throw such gala parties is that this is his entertainment. He cannot take part in skiing holidays or jet off to Costa Rica for a surfing holiday with the guys, so instead he brings the fun to himself.

We all have a great friend that is just like my buddy Gordon, overweight but incredibly fun to be around. We all do try to get our friends to lose weight, not only for appearance but for health issues as well. His manner is fun and happy go lucky, his personality is mysterious yet charming and his friends are loyal and endless. The Sugarbabe that realizes this and decides to take a chance on “the Muffin Men” of the world may just be in for the ride of their lives, after all, you may have to put in some work on a Twinkie to get to the wonderful creamy filling.


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  1. unfortunately, muffin man probably doesn’t have to lose any weight with all of the gold diggers ready to grab on to anyone who can supply them with weekly trips to the spa and a nice, sparkly necklace. ugh. but hopefully, they like him for his personality as well… but, then again, I know women quite well

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