Dating a married man


In today’s society there are all types of relationships, and with the advent of online dating you would need a psychiatrist to understand them all. But the sheer number of people surfing the Internet brings about problems that have been around for ages, but are now amplified by the ease of entering an affair or love triangle online. Couples have struggled with these issues forever, and often seek advice from within that same dating community that causes Infidelity to begin with. But, if a Sugarbabe see’s no problem in dating a married man, it then falls to the wealthy man to decide if cheating is a road they want to go down. From personal experience, being a Sugardaddy has nothing to do with adultery; my own philosophy is if you are married, you should not be a Sugardaddy, unless you are single, divorced or separated. Dating many attractive women is a wonderful thing, but the personal accounts of such activities described by friends who engage in such affairs, leads me to believe that there is always a consequence for such actions and is more of a problem than the answer to what troubles you. In a quick question and answer session with a friend over coffee and a bagel, (I love my Sunday morning bagels!), my good friend suggested I was an expert at such information and began to use me as his resident advisor and personal support group.


I referred him to a blog post I had written many months ago about a group of friends who would constantly go down to Costa Rica to gamble and enjoy the local culture, and by culture I mean women. As they were boasting of their conquests, I happened to suggest that maybe their spouses also looked forward to their trips south of the border so they could indulge in similar activities. After about an hour of debating these issues back and forth we decided that I should create a series of videos allowing others to benefit from my wisdom or at least embark on a television career which would undoubtedly go over well among female fans. Some of my buddies here in South Florida are of Latino descent and come from many countries in South America, such as Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico and many others where the Latin people and the Latin culture may view the Sugardaddy lifestyle much differently than the way many Americans or other cultures do. So it comes down to a moral issue on what the individuals involved think and not what society thinks.

Again, I want to stress that my opinion, although count pretty much only for me are that to be a proper Sugardaddy and engage in the Sugardaddy relationship, you need to be unattached and unencumbered by a wife and family lifestyle. Your Sugarbabe is with you to realize her dreams of living a better than average or upscale lifestyle in addition to enjoying the companionship of a wealthy intelligent man. If you split time between two worlds, you do a disservice to both.



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3 responses to “Dating a married man

  1. I love key west the boardwalk is one of the most serene places there is….why would a sugardaddy or babe need to be with a married person…sugar implies enough wealth to make better choices….where are the hot girl pics hahahah zman sends

  2. How do you feel about the opposite? Having a suga mama?

    It always seems that my kindness and generosity only attract those who aren’t willing to give it back, thus “mooching” off of me to get what they need.

    Granted, I have no problem helping someone when it’s NEEDED, but when it becomes a matter of being taken advantage of, I draw the line.

    What are your thoughts?

  3. I agree, any self proclaimed Sugardaddy needs to be a single man.

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