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Attracting Beautiful Women

Beautiful women, can’t live with them can’t live without them. Just about every guy wants to be seen with an attractive female, but dating such a person can sometimes be quite challenging for some men.

For most males the benefits of being seen with a beautiful woman far outweigh any drawbacks that may be associated with such a person. Having an attractive female by your side can boost any man’s self esteem and can instantly increase your status among your male friends. The biggest reason for wanting to be with beautiful women is that they are just nice to look at!

The question that comes to mind is how does a man go about dating an attractive woman? Most good-looking females get hit on constantly by just about every guy, so if you’re going to approach a pretty woman make sure whatever you do or say is going to be different than what she is accustom to hearing. Rather than purchase the latest book on dating advice, you can instead apply some time tested principles which can help attract the woman of your dreams.

A very effective technique for attracting beautiful women is to get them to laugh. We all like to laugh because it makes us feel vibrant and alive. If you can get a woman to associate feeling good with seeing you, you’re going to be that much closer to having that person in your life.

Confidence is a major turn on for many females. When you show a woman that you’re self confident, it sends a strong message to her that you can handle any situation and that you’re in control of your life as well. Women find such a person irresistible!
A positive attitude is another personality trait that many females are attracted to in a guy. Nobody wants to be around someone who is negative and always complaining. Get into the habit of seeing the glass as half full and you’ll be surprised how women will begin to admire your attitude and outlook on life.

Meeting beautiful women doesn’t have to be something that we wish for but something that we can obtain simply by making a few changes in our personality. Just remember to be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.



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The Sugardaddy Relationship phenomenon

The Sugar Daddy dating-relationship phenomenon has been exploding across the internet for the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Wealthy men and exceptionally attractive young ladies have become captivated with the notion of the Sugar daddy experience. Beautiful women are abundant as can be, as demonstrated by viewing television shows or glamour magazines. The beaches of Miami and Malibu are flooded with attractive and fit, single women who would jump at the opportunity to enter into a relationship, especially if those men could provide a better than average lifestyle for them. These affluent men are more than willing to assist these ladies in their quest for material comfort in return for companionship and entertainment.

Some might argue the point that these liaisons between the wealthy men and the beautiful younger women are nothing more illicit affairs. That the sugar daddy is taking advantage of the young woman by tempting her with exotic vacations, exquisite cuisine and fine gifts, but nothing can be further from the truth. This entire relationship must be a mutually beneficial one that is based on respect and understanding. There is a misconception that all sugar daddy relationships are between a well-to-do middle aged sugar daddy and extraordinary beautiful girl, this is not true. Many of these relationships begin as friendships between older wealthy men and average looking women who may need just a little help or a mentor in order to attain the standard of living that they desire in life.

It is very common for an older sugar daddy type to establish himself as father figure to young girls in need of an education into the ways of the world. Quite often these girls may have come from broken homes or from relationships in which they may have been mentally abused by someone closer to their own age. Young girls are often preyed upon by younger sugar daddy impersonators, who may not have the means to support themselves, let alone provide for their significant other in a relationship. This ‘bad boy’ sugar daddy copycat often leaves a young lady with a bitter taste towards any future relationships, and a kindly more secure older gentleman might be just the catalyst needed to propel this battered duckling into a beautiful swan.


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How to impress a girl in Vegas


Ahhhh, Las Vegas, if New York City is the city that never sleeps than Vegas is the one that goes on a three day binge! It seems that every Sugardaddy I have ever met has a story about himself and a Sugarbabe he took to Las Vegas for a long weekend. What you will not hear from a quality Sugardaddy is a story about how he scored a great combination rate for Bally’s that includes airfare, room and a famous Las Vegas Buffett. When a wealthy man takes attractive women to Sin City, it is about what he can show her that the Average Joe cannot. Suites at the Palms hotel are the measuring stick and not having to wait on lines to get into the hot Vegas clubs such as Pure at Caesar’s Palace where the chance of breaking up a cat fight between Britney Spears and…well, anyone, may land you on the cover of a tabloid; is always a possibility. Although VIP service in Vegas is what most people think of when they put the words Sugardaddy and this desert paradise together, there is a hidden side of the Las Vegas experience that may just set you apart from the rest.


The night life in Las Vegas is well known to almost anyone who has been there and for those who feel the need to party 24 hours a day while in town, there are always incredible pool parties to while away the day until its time to hit the tables and then another round of club hopping. The current most popular midday hot spot would be the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino, yet another place to mingle with the rich and famous. But if you want to really show your romantic side and separate yourself from every other person with deep pockets who comes to Las Vegas, a scenic side trip into the natural world surrounding this city can pay huge dividends. Forty minutes in either direction of the city can bring you to both the Colorado River and some incredible canyons, just over the Hoover dam in Arizona, or if heading west, Red Rocks Canyon can make for a beautiful and possibly romantic day trip. The key is that you are entertaining beautiful women, yet you want to have some quality time with them as well. At some of the top tier venues the loud music may drown out anything meaningful that could take place outside the confines of the hotel suite.


So, if your are a Sugardaddy who is in reasonable decent shape, and your relationship is a bit more than just spending time, and a lot of money on some arm candy. Your Sugarbabe is someone whom you have the potential of an actual relationship with; do not discount the natural world just outside of the bright lights of Las Vegas. After all, the Grand Canyon was there long before Las Vegas was, (with the possible exception of Wayne Newton!).

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Who is hugh hefner dating


It seems like every time we turn on the television or pick up a magazine during a check out at the local grocery store we come face to face with one of Hug Hefner’s blonde haired Sugar babes, also know as ‘the girls next door.” It gets very confusing when you also hear that one the girls, Kendra Wilkinson is marrying a professional football player and another is linked to famous Las Vegas Magician Chris Angel. So, are these his girlfriends or is he just the incubator raising them in the ways of the world until these little chicks are ready to fly the coop?


I have always had the most incredible respect for Hugh Hefner. He began his empire when it was not as socially acceptable to be a Sugar daddy or to display nude woman in public or magazines. He may have been considered a pioneer in the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and for me personally, he is a god for having had the beautiful Barbi Benton, (a country singer and sex kitten a few decades ago), wow!, did I have a crush on her when I was a kid!


So, I began to think about who was Mr. Hefner’s girlfriends? His ex-wife lives in the neighborhood with two of his children, he is constantly surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women, and his summer pool parties at the playboy mansion are the stuff legends are made of. As I looked over the Internet for information on Hugh Hefner and the many women he has had living at the mansion, and those he has been associated over the years, I have come to one main conclusion. This man could have single handedly caused a great Viagra drought for Sugar daddies worldwide! Since the rumors of Hef’s current women moving on with their lives is pretty well confirmed, the new gossip says Mr. Hefner now has a pair of blonde twins moving into the mansion, with the only lone hold out from the ‘girls next door’ being Bridget Marquardt.


As, a Sugardaddy who has learned much from the class and style of Hugh Hefner over the past years, I think about all the women he has had. I think about how much he influenced how men treat women, and how women now reciprocate with their men. I think about how sexy fashion that we have all grown to love and lust for, was in part influenced by the gorgeous ladies who have graced the pages of playboy magazine. I think about the young boy under the covers with a current issue of Playboy Magazine and a flashlight, hiding it from his parents. Hugh Hefner has so influenced the world of the Sugardaddy, that when someone asks me, “who is Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend?” I look at them, smile and say “they all are”!


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The Vip Sugar daddy Treatment


My friend Benny has always wondered how I know so much about what is going on in the world of sports and entertainment, usually a day or two before this kind of information becomes public. I sometimes tell him it’s because I have this sixth sense about such things, but the truth is I spend a lot of time in the VIP rooms and champagne lounges of many of the hottest night clubs and see and hear much of what is not yet public knowledge. Geez, I wish this would work with the stock market! If you are just the normal average ‘club-goer’, more than likely you have seen people like me walk past the lines to get in and have the doorman smile at me and beckon me inside. If you are lucky enough to get inside this club you may see me vanish into a back room while a very large man glares menacingly at you if you try to follow.

The VIP rooms and champagne lounges are actually clubs within a club with the only difference is that we are catered to in an extreme way. There are no crowds pushing and shoving you and drinks may be brought to the table with the bottle they were poured from. The hostess may only have you and another table to pamper as her tip for the evening may be more than most people in the outside room make in a week. You may think it obscene to spend this kind of money, but to be a successful Sugar daddy, you first must be incredibly successful. The social networking that can take place in this atmosphere is worth the amount you may spend. By networking with the upscale individuals you may find out about some cutting edge technology or rub elbows with an up and coming fashion designer. If by spending a few thousand dollars for the evening you can become friendly with a well know sports figure and then get him to endorse or use your product, that may become the best money you could have ever spent.

The VIP rooms are not for everyone as it takes deep pockets and a cast iron stomach to spend much time there. But you must realize that you are not like everyone else, you are in the upper crust of society and will spend time where all the women are beautiful and the champagne flows like a river. Benny, eat your heart out!

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The reverse honey-do list


It’s a beautiful morning and you have just had a hot cup of coffee while reading the morning paper, the sun is shining and you have just decided to play a rousing round of golf with some of the guys at the club. You have your golf bag in hand, head out the door and just as you are about to close the trunk, you hear those words that every man dreads after a long hard week of work “Honey, could you take care of a few things today!” Arghhh! The Infamous ‘honey do’ list, that little piece of paper that brings forth groans of terror for most mortal men. Ah, but you are not most men, you are a Sugar daddy! You are not the meek and mild mannered man, with the self proclaimed BBW for a wife, you are the crème of the crop of single wealthy men, and deserve to fight the good fight on behalf of the less fortunate (married) men of the world.

The Sugar daddy is the eliminator of financial anxiety for many attractive women, he is the provider of experience to those less privileged than himself and asks nothing more than some wonderful companionship, a bit of affection and maybe, just maybe, a few odd jobs done around the home to alleviate some of the burdens of daily life. This reverse ‘honey do’ list is not much to ask for considering what he offers. So the next time you are about to step onto one of your favorite beaches for a day of fun in the sun, and you happen see a beautiful young girl in a very small bikini within the gates of a beach estate hard at work putting that final coat of wax on a bright red Ferrari. Also notice that dapper gentleman sitting in a beach chair with the newspaper, overseeing the effort. Don’t keep walking by while wondering why such an attractive woman is slaving over such a task, go and offer that man a drink, and perhaps you may soon find yourself driving that magnificent automobile and looking over your very own ‘Daddy-Do’ list!


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