You are a Sugar daddy, and as such, you must project a certain air of confidence


Take a good look in your closet. How many shirts, slacks, suits, etc, are just sitting there collecting dust? There is a place for all those outdated garments, its called “Goodwill” and the nice people there will find these antiquated or for whatever the reason, non-wearable articles of clothing a good home. You are a Sugar daddy, and as such, you must project a certain air of confidence and success to all those who want to be like you and be with you. So walking into a restaurant wearing your best pair of fat jeans, simply will not project the image that will make attractive young women swoon at your approach. Even if you are not the fittest person in the neighborhood, you still can take pride in your appearance, both in physical fitness and wardrobe. It’s amazing how just a little effort can go a long, long way, and a 30 minute walk 3 or 4 times a week can actually make quite a difference. If you are willing to comment on the shapeliness of women at the beach, you should also realize that they might be commenting about you as well. If you are observing these women at the gym, well, at least you are at the gym, so take a shorter look and get back to the treadmill!

Now on to wardrobe, as a Sugardaddy, even if your body is not perfect, you can afford to have some clothes tailored to fit and flatter what shape you do have. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression and you need to make the best of it, granted this might be more difficult if your ass is basically the same size as your Porsche, but you get the idea. There is nothing more elegant and appealing to a beautiful woman as a sharp dressed man. Your clothes should fit well and above all be color co-coordinated, this usually shows a pretty woman one very important thing…that you have dated gorgeous women in the past and they have taken the time to go shopping with you to buy your clothes. When was the last time you went shopping with a girl and only bought for yourself? Get my point? Women feel that if a man takes care of himself, has good hygiene, he will take care of her in the same way. Great table manners are important as well, it’s important she realizes that your beauty mark is not actually spaghetti sauce.

Women feel that if they take the time to look incredibly sexy in search of a Sugardaddy, we should display the same concern for them. Remember the story of the man sitting at his favorite watering hole gawking at the beautiful girl in her skin tight designer jeans, he asks staring at the tight fit…”excuse me miss, how can anyone gets into those pants” to which she replied, “well, he usually starts by buying me a drink.” Isn’t life Great!.


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