Who is hugh hefner dating


It seems like every time we turn on the television or pick up a magazine during a check out at the local grocery store we come face to face with one of Hug Hefner’s blonde haired Sugar babes, also know as ‘the girls next door.” It gets very confusing when you also hear that one the girls, Kendra Wilkinson is marrying a professional football player and another is linked to famous Las Vegas Magician Chris Angel. So, are these his girlfriends or is he just the incubator raising them in the ways of the world until these little chicks are ready to fly the coop?


I have always had the most incredible respect for Hugh Hefner. He began his empire when it was not as socially acceptable to be a Sugar daddy or to display nude woman in public or magazines. He may have been considered a pioneer in the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and for me personally, he is a god for having had the beautiful Barbi Benton, (a country singer and sex kitten a few decades ago), wow!, did I have a crush on her when I was a kid!


So, I began to think about who was Mr. Hefner’s girlfriends? His ex-wife lives in the neighborhood with two of his children, he is constantly surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women, and his summer pool parties at the playboy mansion are the stuff legends are made of. As I looked over the Internet for information on Hugh Hefner and the many women he has had living at the mansion, and those he has been associated over the years, I have come to one main conclusion. This man could have single handedly caused a great Viagra drought for Sugar daddies worldwide! Since the rumors of Hef’s current women moving on with their lives is pretty well confirmed, the new gossip says Mr. Hefner now has a pair of blonde twins moving into the mansion, with the only lone hold out from the ‘girls next door’ being Bridget Marquardt.


As, a Sugardaddy who has learned much from the class and style of Hugh Hefner over the past years, I think about all the women he has had. I think about how much he influenced how men treat women, and how women now reciprocate with their men. I think about how sexy fashion that we have all grown to love and lust for, was in part influenced by the gorgeous ladies who have graced the pages of playboy magazine. I think about the young boy under the covers with a current issue of Playboy Magazine and a flashlight, hiding it from his parents. Hugh Hefner has so influenced the world of the Sugardaddy, that when someone asks me, “who is Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend?” I look at them, smile and say “they all are”!



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5 responses to “Who is hugh hefner dating

  1. How cool must if be to be Hugh Hefner..like I said before he is a modern day James Bond. Great posts..been reading just not posting…dam i love the hot chick pics..your the bomb dude..Zman sends

  2. dating girls

    Very usefull infomation. Thank you.
    Keep it up

  3. Mike

    i would like to think that I am the future post modern James Bond,
    but I know Huey is the modern day one. Things just are not
    the same and the lifestyle needs to be updated. Mike Bond his
    son is my name, and women and cars are my game.


  4. Mike

    !8 Holes of Golf is tough. Nine is difficult. A Hole in One is Almost
    Impossible. However a good time on the green is always something
    attainable. Caddyshack 4: The Irish Mike taking on Tiger Woods
    and beating him in two sports; Girls and Golf.

    Move over Mceroley ( Danny) here comes Mykee.

  5. Mike

    I would honestly sit Hugh down and mention to him I was interested
    in taking over the company. Then he would realize that I have
    no experience in it, but its like a crystal ball that cannot be broken
    and he is trying to hand it off to someone in a football game.
    How do you not break the crystal ball? Maybe we can
    go for a game of bowling and if I win, I can convince him that
    I can manage the ship for awhile after he kicks the bucket.


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