Why Single Young Women Date Older Men

Younger women often enjoy the company of older men for a variety of reasons with maturity being at the top of the list. Women tend to mature faster than most men which is why a female in her 20’s can get along well with a man who is in his 30’s or older.

One common complaint many women have about younger men is that they tend to not be established in their careers and are still trying to find their way in the world. An older gentleman on the other hand most likely has accomplished a great deal through experience and as a result has become successful. Being successful usually means an individual has accumulated some degree of wealth which can make almost any person appear that much more attractive.

In addition to wealth, many women are attracted to the confidence that older gentlemen tend to exude. Confidence has a way of making a man irresistible to women because there is a feeling of security and safety that women experience when in the company of such a confident individual.

Older men tend to also be more polite and well mannered than younger men. This is not to say that young males do not know how to behave themselves, but on average it is the older gentleman who knows how to treat a woman like a lady.

There are women who may have been raised with an absent father which is why some females prefer to date an older individual. Why would these women want to date older men? Well maybe because they are looking for a mentor figure or someone who can help guide them through life which an older successful individual would certainly be capable of doing.

As you can see there are several good reasons as to why single women prefer to date older men. Whether it’s wealth, confidence or maturity you are attracted to, older men tend to have all these qualities and enjoy being in the company of an attractive younger woman. Why are older men attracted to younger woman? Now that’s a topic for another article in itself!



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9 responses to “Why Single Young Women Date Older Men

  1. i date sugar daddies too

    I think one reason is the conversation you have with a 25 year old vs that of a 45 year old. One talks football and one talks philosophy – I know which one I would rather spend my time with!

  2. feminist

    Women don’t mature faster than men. One more thing: Being established in his career being an added reason for attraction suggests women aren’t willing to show support. Nice job you’ve done of dragging down the gender

  3. Kimberly Koehler

    As a lady who has dated older men almost my entire dating life I agree with many of these fine points. As a dating coach I am often approached by older women asking why are all men my age going to younger women. I am also asked by younger women frustrated by the fact that they are dating men their age and those men simply don’t get it. I encourage my older ladies to rejuvenate, bring out that playful side, be positive, spice up their looks. While I encourage my younger ladies to evaluate what it is they seek and then go after it, regardless of age. Most are afraid what their friends will think but those that “break the rules” find themselves much more happy with men that understand them and desire to invest their time.

  4. Jump

    Some good points here, although I don’t agree with the ‘feminist’ remark about bringing down the gender.
    It’s natural for all men and women to pursue and seek the better things in life and history has always shown that women have relied on men to provide for them, which I think is a good thing. It comes down to individual values and not because of gender differences as some would like to put it.
    I am an older person now but when I was young, elderly women found me attractive. That would also be another interesting topic for discussion!

  5. Getagirl

    Older men know how to treat the younger women like a princess. And that’s what the girls love about it. Girls love to be pampered and older men are more sweet, romantic, thoughtful and generous as compared to the younger men. You have a very interesting blog! 🙂

  6. socialkenny

    Good point on the maturity thing.I can now see how it is that a woman in her 20’s would go for a guy 10 years older.Women mature faster.

  7. ann

    Looking for wealthy white man ,who`s looking a sexy black woman.

  8. Nikki

    I’m 22 and personally I find guys my age to be a waste of time; they don’t know what the hell they are doing with themselves or life in general. From experience they’re only interested in getting laid or playing the field, half of them can’t hold intelligent conversations.
    Not saying an older man can’t be as equally immature, hopefully a guy in his 30’s is established, knows what he wants and doesn’t expect sex for taking you to a nice dinner unlike their younger counter parts. I also find older men able to carry on an intellectual conversation better and they’re more interested in my thoughts on different topics as well as my interests.
    I find older men do flatter me more and are wiling to do things I’d like to do, unlike younger guys who seem to be more concerned with what their buddies are doing or what they want to do.

  9. Sophia

    Older men dating or marrying younger women is common. However, not all women are the same you know? Some women are cold but some are hot. That’s right. Most of these old men who are with young women, are rich. So, these women are not supportive to men which they usually depend on their men. In other words, young women who like older men are those who like either matured men or materials.

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