Dating Very Attractive Women

Do you believe that we, as individuals, are attracted to certain types of other people? Are you someone that tends to gravitate toward single women that seem to have a common thread? For some wealthy men, it may mean you have a thing for blondes, for others maybe you tend to lean more toward high-powered single women in successful careers. No matter what your personal preference, it’s likely that you can relate to having a certain type of person that you look for in your mind, when exploring possible relationships.

For instance, I have a friend who seems to do nothing but date very attractive women. I brought this to his attention after having met his newest flame last weekend, asking him “are you really interested in these women for who they are or is it just what they look like?”. Having been in the same relationship for a little while now, I was curious and perhaps even admittedly living somewhat vicariously as I thought back to his recent string of over-the-top gorgeous single women. My buddy is not someone I would consider (but then again, what does one guy know about another guy in the way of looks) overly attractive; he has a great sense of humor, sometimes self-deprecating, which seems to appeal to attractive women and he is certainly a charismatic sort of guy, but how are all these super-model types drawn to him?.

After shrugging off the possibility that he could, in fact, be a shallow person drawn merely to aesthetics, he laughed and said “just lucky, I guess”. His inability to share specifics had me more curious in the human nature, wanting to get to the bottom of this. As his flavor of the month approached where we were reclined by the pool, I watched him lavish this gorgeous young blonde with attention, feeling the emergence of a cavity over the sickening sweetness of it all. Thinking back, I recalled how he’s always treated any attractive women he’s with, like gold. A-ha! I can only deduct that while single women in general like the attentions of a wealthy man, I’d imagine that it’s something about stroking the ego of attractive women that builds her up and makes her want more. So this is my very simple dating lesson of the day: If you want to be dating very attractive women, work on your people skills; the active listening, complimenting your date rather than contrasting, and plan on spending a lot of time over leisurely conversation showing you that you are 100% into her.



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5 responses to “Dating Very Attractive Women

  1. Sugar D

    Its the hot chicks that make recovery easy….keep um comin hahahahahaa…zman sends

  2. beautifulmingle

    Dating attractive woman is not so…….but keeping lasting relationship with attractive woman is a challenge. The reason for that – everyone is looking at them for dating or having relationship of some kind. The person – well rounded in manners, money, humor and love …..

  3. Carolyn Collins

    Making a woman feel beautiful goes a long way. European men can make you feel like a million bucks, however most American men don’t care to learn the art of seduction. If all men treated women like your friend, the world would be a better place.

  4. iiNOTES

    Then again 😉 if that is the only reason (his OTT attention), why those women are ‘attracted’ to your friend, by definition that makes him, somewhat like them, with all due respect (shallow, did you say?;) Oh btw, I’m not criticizing him, good for him – and the girls! Long live shallow people;) without them we wouldn’t be able to distinguish between them and ‘the rest’ LOL:) I’m just trying to analyze the logic of it all, as you so eloquently did, on your blog;)

  5. Dyson

    Supremely attractive “10” women become hard work over time. Better to choose an “8” or a “9” or even a “7” over a “10”.

    Best yet, find a “8” who thinks she is a “6”. She will think she is average; you will know she is awesome, and she will have none of the hang ups a “10” has.

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