Why women want a sugar daddy without realizing it

Plenty of women out there are seeking a man of means and Im not implying these women do not want to work Im just suggesting that they want a man who is going somewhere in their life. Who is to blame them for not wanting a guy who is a couch sitting, chip and beer slugger who is content with life. I know if I was a female I would like to meet a guy with means of being able to provide a great life albeit even if this was their incomes combined. No female wants to date a guy who earns less than them.

So being that blogs are all the craze these days I decided to put pen to paper “excuse the pun” and write my thoughts and experiences of what it is like to be a sugar daddy. Wow you are thinking a :”sugar daddy” yes because there are so many misconceptions about the name I decided to go on a mission and clear aa lot of the myths about the name.

First and foremost this is my perception of what a sugar daddy is. A sugar daddy is a man who is accomplished this does not mean he has to ne a bazzilionaire jus a man who has made some financial accomplishments and basically can look after himself and the female in his life.

So sit back and enjoy my blog which I will update as often as possible.



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2 responses to “Why women want a sugar daddy without realizing it

  1. I wish you luck on this road.. I think Ill be monitoring your progress…. see how fulfilling it turns out for you… if you do find Miss Right.

  2. Mia

    I never went out with an older man, but I am looking because to put it plainly-I have daddy issues. I had a close relationship with my father until he passed away when I was 20. He was my best friend-we were closer than I was with my mother. There was so much we still needed to do in our lives as father and daughter.

    Now I’m looking to fill that void with an older man-not financially-that’s what I have a trust fund for, but emotionally and mentally. I know no man can ever replace him, but since he taught me everything I know, I have more in common with the baby boomer generation than I do my with my generation.

    -that’s my reason why I want a sugar daddy.

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