I Never Found Dating Difficult

Alot of people out there find the whole dating game a bit complicated, you know “what is she thinking” etc. To me I never found it a “game” more of a challenge. Maybe the fact that I was established probably made a difference because never at one point did I feel inferior which I know some men feel. This may be due to the fact that the women earns more than him, oh ok it really could only mean that. With that obstacle never coming into the equation dating seemed a bit of a breeze for me.

I met Suzy quite a few years ago, Im definitely not one to frequent strip bars or any type of club of that nature, but on this particular night I was at a bachelor party and it was held at a strip bar. Suzy was a cute young female but to me she looked a little lost in this maze of goggling eyes pinpointing at her. I approached her and offered to buy her a drink, she accepted and was a little surprised that I had not asked for a dance. To me sitting in  a crowded room and have a women strip in fron to of you is a little to uncomfortable for me, so it was just a drink that I offered and not expecting anything in exchange (exept her number) which I did get.

Over the next 6 months we spent an unusual amount of time together. I never was really comfortable with her career, soryy that is not a career, I meant her job. She was young and to her earning the money she did gave her a bit of freedom and an opportunity to be able to pay for school, so who was I to give her a hard time for doing it.


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