Few Reasons Why Females Enjoy Mature Men

In today’s society many females feel comfortable in a relationship were there is a larger than normal age gap. I can totally understand it as well and thought Id write a few of my personal reasons why I feel a younger women has no qualms about being with a man older than herself.

1) Confidence and maturity play a big part in this factor. Many women are mentally older than their age and find being around youngsters a little on the drab side. They feel that they would like to do more than hang out at a Starbucks or the local Subway. With the opportunity to try things on a grander scale Im sure are very enticing and believe me they are more enticing as this information has come from the horses mouth.

2) Financial stability is another key factor in this type of relationship. Many women would like the opportunity to try different things without the concern of wondering if what she wants to do is “too expensive”.

There countless reasons for the mature man outwitting and winning in  the dating game compared to a younger man.


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One response to “Few Reasons Why Females Enjoy Mature Men

  1. I agree. Older men for me are less rushed too. When having sex for example, their focus is on elongating pleasure as opposed to a quick release. They aren’t pushed for that any more. Some have become civilized too and realize the hotter the woman, the better their orgasm is too…

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