Dating And Relationships

We all know at the best of times relationships can be difficult and need constant maintenance. Whoever said living together was easy should be held responsible for his actions as we all know it isnt easy. Now with my blog basically being written about a man who has had many a relationship with a age difference you are probably wondering how did I manage with the age difference when many people have a problem keeping a relationship going when they are the same age.

Well I did and it was probably easier than having a relationship with someone my age. Why you ask yourself?. Well let me first say that all females have respected the fact that Ive been successful in my life and Iam still successful both in business and in relationships.

One of the other factors I found that made this type of relationship easier was my life experiences. Maybe for her this could have taken away some of the mistakes we make in lifes lessons but it made life simpler in the long run as I had experienced may pitfalls that I could point out. This made for a lot of smooth sailing (which anyone would appreciate) in a relationship.


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2 responses to “Dating And Relationships

  1. Sure, the young girls look up to you as a daddy. Its nice to be idolized in this manner. But wouldn’t it be better to conquer a woman’s heart who doesn’t NEED you but finds you to be interesting? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to find an intellectual equal?

    I dunno.. for me, a man has to be able to turn on my mind before he could ever hope to turn on my body. I would need for him to be at least as strong as me if not stronger… and I don’t wonder if men wouldn’t like the same things???

  2. Still out there doing the charlie harper thing huh….yeah thats why you are still my idol……….be the daddy figure gets some sugar….zman sensd

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