How It started the whole Sugar Daddy thing

It was quite a few years ago I was dating a young lady, by the way Im 45 and she was 32, nothing to really make anyone flinch their eyes at. We were like any other couple, we got on great, went out many times a week, I was constantly treating her, well in her eyes I was to me it was nothing out of the ordinary as I enjoy the theatre, restaurants etc.

To her this was living life and maybe it was I was just used to this and really thought nothing of it. After a fantastic evening out we wnt to one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas she said to me “you are my sugar daddy”, I laughed it off thinking “what a ridiculous statement. As the evening progressed I could not stop thinking about what she had said to me and I thought “she is right” I really could come under the umbrella of the saying “sugar daddy” and from that day onwards I always looked at myself as a sugar daddy. This was not by anything I really admitted to anyone as I thought of all the different thoughts people had about that saying.

Over the years I became very comfortable with this and having seen this word used so many times in the media it no longer niggled me I was like my out coming, So here you have it and if you are reading this and are successful think of all the things you have done for your partner or the things you are capable of doing for her and you may even feel comfortable in calling yourself a sugar daddy

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  1. Ah, but a real sugardaddy gives you money in exchange for your time. Its not just about going on great dates. Its about them supporting you in return for your “company”. Usually sugardaddies are looking for No Strings Attached. They don’t seek big commitments. They want fun at their convenience.

    So really, they pay for the convenience factor.

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