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The Romance Fantasy. From Both Points of View

Remember a while back all the discussions brought about by a book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? Well, the fact of the matter is that was an incredible understatement, the way men and women look at similar situations are like two parallel universes with similar languages, but completely different interpretations of those languages. Millions of years of evolution have caused men and women to see the same things differently, and with the occasional rare exception, act differently in their pursuit of life’s emotional necessities, including romance. So, lets take a little look at Romance and how it is viewed by each gender and what their ultimate goals are.

A man’s romantic fantasy basically has nothing to do with our common interpretation of romance; it is more of a fantasy based on passion or desire than romance. The common male fantasy is to sleep with many attractive women both singularly or at the same time. Whether this is do in part from “Darwinian” theories or just that most males given the opportunity, turn into the quintessential “horn dogs”. In either case, the male brain is geared more to the act of physical intimacy than the pursuit of emotional intimacy or romance.

Females on the other hand have a completely different perception of romance, and as such go about achieving it in different ways than men. Contrary to the male perception that they must surround themselves with many women, the female fantasy revolves around one man. This fantasy is not just about any man, but the one who can provide for her a safe and stable relationship and provide financial stability as well, the ideal provider if you will. This fantasy results in a commitment that takes the anxiety (for the most part) out of her life about how she will maintain her lifestyle and who she will live out her years with. If the female achieves her fantasy it in effect destroys the classic male fantasy, as he must now give up the romantic notions of being the next Casanova, Gene Simmons or even Charlie Sheen!

The male fantasy seems to heavily rely on the pursuit of the female as once attained men will quite often go in search of the next great catch. For women the best part of a relationship is the stability of that relationship itself while men look at the chase as the driving force. While on a quest men will spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to catch the woman of his fantasy, but shortly after he attains his goal, he will spend precious little in trying to maintain it. He will however break his bank account on concerts, sporting events and weekend trips to Vegas with his buddies.

No matter which way you look at romance or fantasies, it’s not easy trying to decipher the codes that make men look at romance one way while women tend to see it another way. Romance can quite often be like running a triathlon, it could be very difficult and there may be times that you will want to quit, but you know that each step you take makes you stronger and that you will feel great once you cross the finish line.



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Arrangements between beautiful girls and successful older men

beautiful girls

It used to be said that beautiful girls had little, if any trouble getting the man they desired. It was also said that it was just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one. Having said this, lets delve a little deeper into the world of those beautiful girls who have chosen to enter into arrangements with older more experienced and wealthy men. These women are called sugar babies. Such women come from all walks of life and may themselves be of an affluent upbringing or possibly from more modest means. The connection between these beautiful girls may be a relatively simple one, they both want to live a better than average lifestyle and are searching for the instrument that will get them there, the ‘Sugar daddy’.

The role of the sugardaddy has been interpreted in a variety of ways over the centuries, from that of a nobleman becoming the mentor of younger woman of standing in early Europe, to that character brilliantly portrayed by the legendary Maurice Chevalier in the movie ‘Gigi’, where he explains to his nephew, played by Louis Jourdan, that marriage need not be the only choice. Beautiful girls have always had the ability to catch the eye of men, especially those men who have achieved much in their lives, possibly at the expense of an abridged version of their youth. To these men it seems like a small price to pay to support and educate these young ladies in return for the companionship of a charming and energetic beautiful girl.

The key to a successful relationship between the well-to-do gentleman and the beautiful girls he desires is that of luxury and kindness, for this must be more than a business arrangement; it must be based on mutual respect and a shared vision. Many in the media have portrayed the role of the Sugardaddy and his Sugar Babies as something similar to that of only a sexual liaison, but they fail to understand that this relationship goes far beyond the physical, and quite frequently may lead to a long term relationship and in some instances marriage. The arrangements between beautiful girls and successful older men has been going on for centuries and will continue to do so. The significant current state of these relationships is that they are now out of the shadows and can be enjoyed without the secrecy of the past.


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Upscale restaurants for the upscale crowd

upscale restaurants

Being an affluent person who loves a night on the town, how is one supposed to come up with new and exciting upscale restaurants to bring a date when someone has already visited all the upscale restaurants in town? Well, all is not lost as there are many alternatives to the same old dating grind of taking your date to a five star eatery! With some imagination and vision a night on the town can be transformed into a most memorable experience and a fine dining experience as well.

There are so many different types of upscale restaurants in any given city to go along with the incredible diversity of ethnic groups that make up the population. So why not enhance your evening by not only picking out a particular type of food for that evening, but make the entire date revolve around a particular ethnic group. For example, assuming the upscale restaurant you have reservations for is Italian cuisine, consider finding a museum specializing in Italian art. Perhaps the city has an Italian community with a market dedicated to foods or pastries of that country. It might also be fun to insist that all the clothes you wear that day be from designers of that country. By going the extra mile to give the date a specific theme, it is also showing a fun side and a willingness to try new things. It also allows you to revisit those restaurants more often by not engaging in the same old routines.

Considerably different from this method of visiting upscale restaurants, those that are among the more adventurous and humorous of the affluent dating crowd may try this oddball method of being different in partaking of your culinary delights. Have a chauffeured limousine pick you up. Do not forget to dress in the most exquisite attire such as a well fitting tuxedo for men and a designer gown for the lady. You then proceed to the fancy part of town and have the limo pull up in front of a popular McDonald’s or Burger King where you are sure to be the envy of all, or at least be the topic of some lively conversation.

Finding Upscale restaurants is easy to do, there are just so many to choose from and so many different kinds of food as well. It is not so much as which upscale restaurant to choose as when the eatery reaches Five Star status or is rated in the “best of” surveys one can be sure the food will be excellent. It is how a person can be different in the eyes of another that will make the evening one to remember or just another evening out.

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Physical attractiveness


So what if I look like a Walrus in a bad fitting polyester suit, do I not have feelings? Am I not a man? I am not an animal!!! I’m sure so many of us men have felt this way at one point in our lives or another, and although we may use the excuses such as “its ok, as long as I’m happy with myself” we all know that if we could change certain things about our appearance (mostly without surgery involved), we would. Attractive men with wealth are a much rarer commodity than equally attractive women. However, keep in mind that when a man reaches a certain level of prosperity, it is more often than not, when he is closer to middle aged and beyond. Fit, attractive men with wealth in their forties and older are rarer still, yet so many attractive women that are considerably younger, desire such individuals. So, if a man who has already achieved affluence and power wants to take it to a higher level he must look within himself, and change what he knows will make him the ultimate ladies man!

What can a man do to elevate himself to a new level?

Well, before we get into personal grooming and a new suit, it really helps to have a good foundation to build upon, in other words, get your flabby butt to the gym and sweat a little. If you are carrying around a bit of excess weight, then a good cardio routine with some weight training will, in a relatively short period of time, turn you into a Greek god! OK, maybe we won’t go that far, but it can not only change your appearance, it can make you feel much more energized and healthy. An attractive man is one who keeps his hair neat and nails trimmed, he takes pride in his personal hygiene. When he puts on a designer suit, it is professionally tailored, as wealthy men can afford a custom fit in an off the rack world. Not every man will look like George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan, but these very simple steps can turn average into extraordinary, or at least as the U.S. Army states, “be the best you can be!”

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luxury vacations


So many times I am asked by friends about the vacations I take. They automatically assume that every time I go away for a little rest and relaxation, that it is to some wildly exotic destination, with a supermodel type girlfriend. The thing is that when I go away with a really gorgeous woman, I am definitely not looking for rest! But the reality is that although I do enjoy the company of a beautiful girl, I also enjoy quality resorts and unique places. Several couples could go to the same resort area and have very varied opinions of their vacation. If we take out the variable of the person you are with, and just look at things you do and where you stay while there, you may find that even with a good sum of disposable income, you may be missing much. If in such wonderful resort areas such as Aspen Colorado or South Beach in Miami, Florida, two people can be within few blocks of each other and have two totally different experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at a luxury vacation in South Beach.

All individuals have access to the very same beach, the same ocean, and for the most part the same views; however that is where the similarities end. Knowing what hotels to stay at and what restaurants to dine in can mean the difference of sitting next to Muriel and Sydney from Oshkosh, Wisconsin or overhearing a conversation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Knowing what the hot spots are and when to show up is kind of like an acquired taste. It comes naturally over time. The typical wealthy tourist may have the money to shop at the “in spots” but would not know what they are or who to befriend to make the experience top shelf.

Its not always having the most that allows a person to live a lifestyle that others can only dream about. Its also about knowing what to do with that wealth, and to live life on your own terms, and stand out from the crowd. Remember, life is a lot like Lotto, just being a little bit off can mean all the difference


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