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So many times I am asked by friends about the vacations I take. They automatically assume that every time I go away for a little rest and relaxation, that it is to some wildly exotic destination, with a supermodel type girlfriend. The thing is that when I go away with a really gorgeous woman, I am definitely not looking for rest! But the reality is that although I do enjoy the company of a beautiful girl, I also enjoy quality resorts and unique places. Several couples could go to the same resort area and have very varied opinions of their vacation. If we take out the variable of the person you are with, and just look at things you do and where you stay while there, you may find that even with a good sum of disposable income, you may be missing much. If in such wonderful resort areas such as Aspen Colorado or South Beach in Miami, Florida, two people can be within few blocks of each other and have two totally different experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at a luxury vacation in South Beach.

All individuals have access to the very same beach, the same ocean, and for the most part the same views; however that is where the similarities end. Knowing what hotels to stay at and what restaurants to dine in can mean the difference of sitting next to Muriel and Sydney from Oshkosh, Wisconsin or overhearing a conversation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Knowing what the hot spots are and when to show up is kind of like an acquired taste. It comes naturally over time. The typical wealthy tourist may have the money to shop at the “in spots” but would not know what they are or who to befriend to make the experience top shelf.

Its not always having the most that allows a person to live a lifestyle that others can only dream about. Its also about knowing what to do with that wealth, and to live life on your own terms, and stand out from the crowd. Remember, life is a lot like Lotto, just being a little bit off can mean all the difference



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3 responses to “luxury vacations

  1. haahaha As usual your blog cracks me up. Its one of those things that sometimes I think you have the life and other times not so much. Being an IN PERSON must be cool and sometimes I am jealous..other times I think superficial people are easy to spot. Either way I will continue to read about the hot chicks hahahaah Zman sends

  2. Matchy

    Have you considered coming up to Whistler? It opened early, and is lovely 🙂

  3. Ive heard it is great their but I have never been. Should do really.

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