Physical attractiveness


So what if I look like a Walrus in a bad fitting polyester suit, do I not have feelings? Am I not a man? I am not an animal!!! I’m sure so many of us men have felt this way at one point in our lives or another, and although we may use the excuses such as “its ok, as long as I’m happy with myself” we all know that if we could change certain things about our appearance (mostly without surgery involved), we would. Attractive men with wealth are a much rarer commodity than equally attractive women. However, keep in mind that when a man reaches a certain level of prosperity, it is more often than not, when he is closer to middle aged and beyond. Fit, attractive men with wealth in their forties and older are rarer still, yet so many attractive women that are considerably younger, desire such individuals. So, if a man who has already achieved affluence and power wants to take it to a higher level he must look within himself, and change what he knows will make him the ultimate ladies man!

What can a man do to elevate himself to a new level?

Well, before we get into personal grooming and a new suit, it really helps to have a good foundation to build upon, in other words, get your flabby butt to the gym and sweat a little. If you are carrying around a bit of excess weight, then a good cardio routine with some weight training will, in a relatively short period of time, turn you into a Greek god! OK, maybe we won’t go that far, but it can not only change your appearance, it can make you feel much more energized and healthy. An attractive man is one who keeps his hair neat and nails trimmed, he takes pride in his personal hygiene. When he puts on a designer suit, it is professionally tailored, as wealthy men can afford a custom fit in an off the rack world. Not every man will look like George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan, but these very simple steps can turn average into extraordinary, or at least as the U.S. Army states, “be the best you can be!”


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  1. zentiment

    I learn so much from your blog about something I’ve never really thought much about, but have found really interesting so far!

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