My Online Date with Paul O’Brien


OK, I guess its been quite a few posts since I’ve decided to rant and rave about a pet peeve, but as always some little thing today set me off and I feel its time to take a time out from talking about my adventures in online dating and how it is to be a Sugar daddy to enlighten the world about Paul O’Brien. You are now probably asking yourself who the heck is this O’Brien character and what has he got to do with Sugar daddy dating. Well, here it goes; have you ever had to call a help or support line to find out what is wrong with you wireless internet? I have given the name of Paul O’Brien to all those individuals who work in the overseas outsourced call centers of our favorite corporations. This is the name that the very first person who tried to convince me he was speaking from Chicago, Illinois used when attempting to assist me. I truly do appreciate the fact that he was reasonably knowledgeable and that the Company (who shall remain nameless) felt the need to outsource to appease it’s shareholder’s expectations, however do not tell me that you are someone or somewhere you are not.

I am used to sugar babes evading my direct question on many dating sites, because, quite honestly, that’s what they do, but I am prepared for that and let it go. However, when a man who identifies him self as Paul O’Brien from Chicago, who sounds very much like my friend Yogi Patel, proprietor of the finest 7-Eleven store on the beach, I have to stop and think. Again, remember, I have been in a mood as of late so I was looking for trouble! After several minutes of answering inane questions that had no bearing on my problem, which was preceded by 18 minutes of hold time, I began the hunt for the truth…As he was reading from what I believed was a script, (again, no problems here as long as the job gets done) I began to engage him in a meaningless dialogue, after several minutes of this and rebooting my computer, etc, I did it…I asked the question that would confirm or reject my assumption. “How is the weather in Bangalore I asked,” to which he replied, “I’m sorry sir, but in Delhi it is very, very nice”. After several more minutes and 2 managers lately, my issue was resolved and once again I was happily on the prowl for new and exciting Sugarbabes on some of my favorite sites. I know it really doesn’t make a difference where someone is helping me from, but for some reason it bothers me when someone is told to take on an alias and intentionally make be believe they are someone and somewhere the are not. I guess this is why the women I meet either have to be in person, or willing to have a cup of coffee with me in a relative short period of time. I may be picky but I hate to set up a nice vacation in the Florida Keys and have Paul O’Brien show up with a beach towel and Daiquiri!


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  1. Tiara

    lol, i feel the same way. that’s why when I called a company (who’s name I shall keep anonymous) to see why my roommate’s printer wasn’t working, I asked the guy for his name. He said Bob, and I asked “Bob what.” Well five minutes of silence later I received no answer from a man who clearly had an Indian accent and wasn’t working in some call center in the midwest. He helped fix our problem and I got a good laugh from a situation that would otherwise have irritated me very much.

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