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The Sugardaddy Relationship phenomenon

The Sugar Daddy dating-relationship phenomenon has been exploding across the internet for the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Wealthy men and exceptionally attractive young ladies have become captivated with the notion of the Sugar daddy experience. Beautiful women are abundant as can be, as demonstrated by viewing television shows or glamour magazines. The beaches of Miami and Malibu are flooded with attractive and fit, single women who would jump at the opportunity to enter into a relationship, especially if those men could provide a better than average lifestyle for them. These affluent men are more than willing to assist these ladies in their quest for material comfort in return for companionship and entertainment.

Some might argue the point that these liaisons between the wealthy men and the beautiful younger women are nothing more illicit affairs. That the sugar daddy is taking advantage of the young woman by tempting her with exotic vacations, exquisite cuisine and fine gifts, but nothing can be further from the truth. This entire relationship must be a mutually beneficial one that is based on respect and understanding. There is a misconception that all sugar daddy relationships are between a well-to-do middle aged sugar daddy and extraordinary beautiful girl, this is not true. Many of these relationships begin as friendships between older wealthy men and average looking women who may need just a little help or a mentor in order to attain the standard of living that they desire in life.

It is very common for an older sugar daddy type to establish himself as father figure to young girls in need of an education into the ways of the world. Quite often these girls may have come from broken homes or from relationships in which they may have been mentally abused by someone closer to their own age. Young girls are often preyed upon by younger sugar daddy impersonators, who may not have the means to support themselves, let alone provide for their significant other in a relationship. This ‘bad boy’ sugar daddy copycat often leaves a young lady with a bitter taste towards any future relationships, and a kindly more secure older gentleman might be just the catalyst needed to propel this battered duckling into a beautiful swan.



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Beautiful women are just as approachable as any other woman


when it comes to dating women there never seems to be a shortage of advice available. there are many myths floating around which can be quite misleading. One popular myth is that women prefer bad boys. For some women this may be the case but for the majority of females out there looking for a meaningful relationship, most would prefer to be with a nice gentleman who treats them well.  I think people are confusing bad boys with confidence. Have you ever heard of a bad boy who lacked self confidence? If a female is attracted to a bad boy, it is his confidence that is attracting her not his rudeness or abusive behavior.

Most nice guys tend to be somewhat shy and quiet which is fine but if they lack self confidence they may find themselves having difficulty attracting women. The ideal combination would be to exude confidence while at the same time being a nice guy who respects not only himself but others as well.
 The second popular myth is that women are not approachable. This is simply not the case as quite a few attractive women would actually welcome a man approaching her in a respectful manner. The problem is that most men are intimidated by gorgeous women and as a result many of these attractive females find themselves with very few dates. Beautiful women are just as approachable as any other woman which means you shouldn’t let their good looks intimidate you.


The third popular myth is that single women are after men who have a great deal of wealth. Once again this may be true for some women but for the majority of females this is not the case.  If a woman is attracted to a wealthy man, there is a good chance that it is not his money that has impressed her but rather his character. Acquiring wealth is not an easy task and it takes a special kind of person to be able to achieve such success.  Most wealthy men are passionate, well spoken, determined, confident goal driven individuals who are very clear about what they want in life. It is these qualities that women are attracted to not necessarily a man’s wealth.


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Women staying single


Have you noticed that more and more single women are waiting until they are in their thirties and forties before taking the plunge into matrimony? There are many theories as to why women are staying single longer and none of them have anything to do with men being able to run faster. Careers and the women’s independence movement might have more to do with it as a vast majority of women are now spending much greater portions of their lives getting higher educations and hammering away at the glass ceiling. Advances in medical sciences are now making it safer for women to have children later in life and women’s lib now makes it socially acceptable for females to live the same exciting and unrestrained life once only permissible to their male counterparts.

The efficiency and effectiveness of online dating has also allowed single women to have more time for a career while still being able to have an acceptable amount of social interaction. Dating and work has become a delicate balance of two worlds, and single women today find that with the arrival of the Internet they do not have to sacrifice to achieve. The trend of single women staying unattached until later in life signals the arrival of what Susan B. Anthony and the suffragette movement began so many years ago, equal rights. Yes now, women can smoke in public, vote or even run for President of the United States of America! However there are still things that are beyond a women’s ability to which even the internet can’t put right, these are the ability to not yell if I leave the toilet seat up, the daily incidence of the “honey do list”, “Honey go do this” or “Honey, please do that”. Although we think women are truly on equal footing with men now, they have actually surpassed and are the dominant gender as we can no longer win. If we try to be caring and buy her presents and flowers we are after something, if we don’t we are not thoughtful! Yes, the days of women staying single longer may be liberating for that gender but for men, it is time to watch reruns of “married with children” and take notes.


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The Library is not only for books!


You can tell a lot about a person while observing them in the library; whether they are young, old, married or single, the book they hold under their arm and the periodicals they flip through can be very telling. I myself focus on the young singles. It is just so interesting to see what people in the library are reading and then try to figure out what kind of person they really are. Little old men reading the Wall Street Journal or young guys deep into the latest copy of popular mechanics might not be among those that I would be hanging out with on a regular basis, but I much prefer to see what the ladies are reading. This is not an exact science as I once dated a woman who was sitting by the window of the library with glasses on reading a magazine about knitting. She looked completely different when I caught her act at the pussycat lounge later that evening.

If you are looking for compatibility and companionship you might want to check out those individuals that you have some interest in as well and then strike up a conversation. Letts assume you see a lovely young woman perusing this month’s issue of “SKI” magazine and you are considering a trip to Vail or Aspen this year, (note: if you are contemplating becoming a Sugar daddy and don’t know where these places are…leave now, you are beyond redemption), so, this woman may just become a ski buddy that can quite easily turn into something more. Remember, when a best friend of the opposite sex becomes something much more, you have hit the jackpot! You don’t’ always have to actually spy on what a person is actually reading, you may just linger in the sections where that interesting literature is shelved. Just remember, what a person reads says a lot about what their interests are. OK, time for me to make my move, that hot brunette just picked up a copy of the “life and times of the Marquis de Sade!” Isn’t’ life great!

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