Friends with benefits


Friends with benefits

Have you ever been involved in some sort of relationship or romance and not quite known how to define it? The Sugardaddy is not merely hooking up for the evening with a stranger, yet not really more than friends who enjoy occasionally sleeping together. This is the kind of sex in which one of the couple will more than likely find some excuse not to spend the night and slips out the door, in the wee hours of the morning. These types of relationships are commonly called friends with benefits. As a Sugardaddy, I have on many occasions invited a woman, who was a good friend of mine, to travel with me on a business trip to a nice location. I may have had a semi girlfriend at the time or she, a boyfriend, and although there may have been a bit of jealousy by the significant other, it was rare that my girlfriend would volunteer to assist me with my networking or jobs unless the destination was overseas or international travel. The friends with benefits relationship is first and foremost as a friend, a woman, who happens to have some quality or sexuality about her that makes you want to enjoy more than a bit of social conversation and dinner.

Sometimes those who are mixed up in friends with benefits type relationship are thought of as ‘the player’, that kind of individual who does not want a stable relationship or girlfriend. The player is great with sharing advice with others on how to deal with the female population, and can burn up the social networking and message boards with overstated accounts of his conquests, but the true friends with benefits relationships are usually just that, sex between consenting good friends. If an individual is lucky enough to be in such a quasi-romance, while not currently in a monogamous relationship, remember that because you sleep with someone, the Sugardaddy is not necessarily in a dating relationship with them, but you do owe them your respect and honesty. Friends with benefits occasionally turn into something more so its important to build trust while sharing this adventure.

A Sugardaddy is not the player. He is more of an instructor, teaching undergraduates in the science of building a more affluent lifestyle. He is neither a video star nor an advice columnist. He is first and foremost a friend, and on occasion, friends with benefits!.


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5 responses to “Friends with benefits

  1. Forest Fairy

    I know a man that thought his arrangement was *friends with benefits* and a couple of months ago he started a relationship with someone and told the *friend* that he wont be sleeping with her anymore. She has since totally lost the plot saying she is in love with him and can’t live without him, turned up on his doorstep at 1am with a knife threatening to stab him etc…seems she thought it was more than friends with benefits..although he tells me they often had conversations like, we are only doing this till we both meet someone we want to be with……..

    Friends with benefits is all good as long as you are both clear that that is exactly what it is….seems to me that more so with women, they get attached once they are sleeping with someone regularly, even if they say its just a sex thing :oS.

  2. picklestar

    That is a great concept if all involved ‘know the score’, it’s just enjoyment all round. Is it not similar to the whole ‘f buddy’ thing? The only danger with that is that one of the parties involved may develop feelings for the other and the feeling isnt mutual :S Then again, the whole man/woman thing is pretty scary and unknown at the best of times lol might aswell grab the good times when you can 😀

  3. phenomenalmama

    Recently had a conversation with a friend about the possibility of extending our friendship into one that includes said “benefits”. The jury is still out as to whether or not we’re actually going to pursue it….. 😉

  4. have not commented in a bit..been keepin up though with my favorite dude with all the hot chicks….the best friends are the friends with benefits…Zman sends

  5. Honestly I have never understood this concept. I don’t want to sleep with any of my “friends.” The only “benefits” I would give away would be to my husband. I am very rigid about certain things, and this one of them.

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