The Vip Sugar daddy Treatment


My friend Benny has always wondered how I know so much about what is going on in the world of sports and entertainment, usually a day or two before this kind of information becomes public. I sometimes tell him it’s because I have this sixth sense about such things, but the truth is I spend a lot of time in the VIP rooms and champagne lounges of many of the hottest night clubs and see and hear much of what is not yet public knowledge. Geez, I wish this would work with the stock market! If you are just the normal average ‘club-goer’, more than likely you have seen people like me walk past the lines to get in and have the doorman smile at me and beckon me inside. If you are lucky enough to get inside this club you may see me vanish into a back room while a very large man glares menacingly at you if you try to follow.

The VIP rooms and champagne lounges are actually clubs within a club with the only difference is that we are catered to in an extreme way. There are no crowds pushing and shoving you and drinks may be brought to the table with the bottle they were poured from. The hostess may only have you and another table to pamper as her tip for the evening may be more than most people in the outside room make in a week. You may think it obscene to spend this kind of money, but to be a successful Sugar daddy, you first must be incredibly successful. The social networking that can take place in this atmosphere is worth the amount you may spend. By networking with the upscale individuals you may find out about some cutting edge technology or rub elbows with an up and coming fashion designer. If by spending a few thousand dollars for the evening you can become friendly with a well know sports figure and then get him to endorse or use your product, that may become the best money you could have ever spent.

The VIP rooms are not for everyone as it takes deep pockets and a cast iron stomach to spend much time there. But you must realize that you are not like everyone else, you are in the upper crust of society and will spend time where all the women are beautiful and the champagne flows like a river. Benny, eat your heart out!


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