Leave the party girl at the party!


I was spending some time people watching on Ocean Drive, in the South Beach area of Miami last Friday night. Since I live in that immediate area, I can stroll the beach or have a drink at one of them many sidewalk bistros that line the main drag, and just sit and take in the flavor of the tropical atmosphere. I remember when I was a bit younger how this area used to be my stomping grounds, and I would rarely if ever go home alone. Now that I wear a slight older man’s clothes my view of the party lifestyle has significantly changed. While sitting with a friend at the News Café, I happened to notice a very attractive young woman sashaying her way down the street with some friends. Their group was loud and a little bit obnoxious, but nonetheless fun to watch. As they passed, aside from trying to understand what the obsession is with wearing thong panties with jeans that barely cover her buttocks, I overheard them talking about which club they were going to hit next. The guys that were with them, kept them from stumbling as they clearly were not in driving condition. We had been joined by two other friends for our second round of appetizers and drinks, or maybe it was the third, but shortly thereafter these same women came sashaying back up Ocean Drive only this time they were being supported and fondled by an entirely different group of gentleman. This made me think back about all the similar women I had dated, and how the partying lifestyle never was conducive to building solid relationships.

It is my solemn belief that as a Sugar daddy I need to choose wisely as to whom I will act in a capacity as educator and benefactor. It seems that the “Party Girls” of today have little or no respect for themselves or those who care about them, let alone any boyfriends that are left home on party nights. If you choose to have a relationship with a young woman, it is vitally important that this relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. If these elements are not there you may as well pull up at the front of any exclusive club in a $200K sports car and pick the little hottie that you want to go home with. This is very much like going to the supermarket to buy a piece of meat, as you will undoubtedly forget about this choice cut shortly after devouring it. If you are a true Sugar daddy, you will choose wisely as although you may not be looking for an everlasting relationship, you are not looking for a one night stand either. What is the point of showing a beautiful young lady a better than average lifestyle, if you feel it will be wasted on the hardcore party lifestyle. The perfect Sugarbabe may occasional go out and enjoy life to the fullest but she does it with class and dignity. She is someone you are proud to have on your arm and never have to worry whose arms are holding her up. As far as party girls are concerned, leave the party girl at the party!



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2 responses to “Leave the party girl at the party!

  1. Okay you caught me I read the blog for the pics hahahaah you are the man my friend..I dig the thong pic but leave the kid ahhaahhaah Zman sends

  2. all girl are very beautiful

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