My best date of the year


She was not the hottest girl I had taken out this year, nor was she the sexiest, but Emily was by far the most intriguing and had captivated me totally the first minute I laid eyes on her. Sometimes, you see a girl and know from the get go that this person was going to be apart of your life for many, many years. Have I mentioned yet that Emily is 5 years old? Don’t get yourself in an uproar, I’m no pedophile, Emily is the daughter of my business partner and I just seem to melt anytime she is near. My partner and his wife needed to leave town on a family emergency last weekend, and since it was an unfortunate last minute occurrence, I offered to watch the budding young starlet until the next day when they returned. Some men would shudder to think about the responsibility of looking after a child overnight, but for some reason animals and children seem to respond well to me.

Our day started promptly at noon when Emily’s parents departed and we decided to go to her favorite place, “The Mall”! For some reason women of all ages seem to gravitate to places where large sums of money are spent. I guess it starts at a very young age and just intensifies as they get older. I figured at age five, this was going to be the easiest I was ever going to get off bringing a female to what seems to be their mother ship, so I embraced the moment. We strolled the mall for about an hour, with newly purchased teddy bears and a hideous fish pillow that she refused to release from her tiny grasp.
We settled at the food court and as I was cutting her favorite food (pizza) into bite size pieces, I noticed that I was being stared at my several pairs of eyes. I am used to this when I go out to restaurants or night clubs, but in those instances they are usually thinking about how much my date’s boob job cost or where the rest of her dress was, in this case, I was viewed by a number of exceptionally attractive women who were actually smiling with approval at me, and how the adorable Emily was laughing and smiling at my every word.

That day came to an end with me tucking my little beauty into her bed after an obligatory kiss on the forehead. I sat back and thought about the day and how wonderful it was. Now, ladies, don’t get all giddy with anticipation as I was not thinking about finding that special woman and working on getting an Emily of my very own. What I was thinking was how much my partner would charge me to rent her every now and then to troll her through malls and other places where attractive women might congregate. After all, like most women I date, she still has about 5-7 years left before she too gets too old for my purposes!


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