Keep it private from your sugar babe


So many times I hear about Sugardaddies who have divulged an incredible amount of both personal and financial information to those women that they are dating. I sometimes wonder what the hell they were thinking. Of course in most relationships, bits and pieces of your previous personal life and fiscal information will find their way into a conversation, and will invariably lodge inside the greedy little brain of your Sugar babe. Understand, that if you are dating a Sugar babe this goes with the territory. After all, this young lady is with you for many reasons, one of which is your ability to support her in a comfortable lifestyle. At some point when this arrangement is coming to an end, depending upon the tone of the break-up, she will either ask you for assistance during the transition, walk away to be with another, or as is frequently the case, blackmail you with veiled threats. This last ploy usually involves the Internal Revenue Service or a transsexual named Roxie whom you met during a drunken night in Jamaica, but that’s another story. The point is, there is no reason, unless this person has been with you for a very long time, and you do not see it ending anytime soon, to enlighten them to these aspects of your life. It cannot end well.

Face it, there are just some things that are best kept to yourself and especially those things that can come back to bite you in the tushy. I’m sure there are plenty of women that you have dated that wouldn’t even consider using information gathered over the course of a relationship as bargaining chips for some scandalous reason, but why take the chance? As a Sugar daddy it is your responsibility to ensure a better than average lifestyle for those under your care, and move them in a direction to better themselves. No where in the official Sugar babe adoption papers does it state that you have let their accountants have a look at your books, or subject yourself to psychological profiling. There is nothing holding the young woman to you other than her own need to live a more upscale existence, and unless she is closer to your age, and there is a deep and genuine relationship established, it is more than likely that she will be on her way when offered a bigger and better deal. In these very uncertain times, fortunes are won and lost, its ok for a Sugar babe to live beyond her means, as long as she doesn’t live beyond your means as well.



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2 responses to “Keep it private from your sugar babe

  1. The problem is… that people just can’t keep their mouths shut about their indiscretions. They HAVE to tell someone. I don’t know why it is, but it is what they do. They need to bring someone into their “dirty little secret”. Too embarrassed to tell their buddies, they tell their bit of fluff.

  2. Maria

    It truly amazes me to know that there are woman who are willing to blackmail the man the say they love, and for what, money for bigger breasts that the daddy won’t even get to play with when she finds another money bag to sac (in her eyes).

    The thing that attracts me to sugar daddies is not the money, but the power, the confidence they exude, there’s a smoldering fire in their eyes letting the world they have it by the balls. There’s the way a sugar daddy speaks, every one’s voice may be different, but you can tell when he speaks, you listen. A sugar daddy is someone who can feed my mind with random facts about life, love, the wold, nature and culture. Someone who may not necessarily fly me to the rain forest, but simply watch a documentary with me on it. Someone who can make me melt in his arms….that’s my view of what a sugar daddy is.

    Maybe I am old school, but I do believe that a man who has made his way in the world should be treated like a king, not abused in such a manner.

    Sugar babes need to really read this, it might teach them a little etiquette.

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