Exceptionally attractive women or reasonably plain


Has anyone aside from me noticed that there is a direct correlation between the perceived looks of a woman and how much aggravation that a Sugar babe seems to cause? You would normally think that the better looking a woman is, the more demanding she will be, and the more drama that will accompany her. This is simply not true. If we allow for those that are more than likely insane to begin with, and remove them from our consideration we will almost invariably find that it is the only slightly better than average looking women who cause the Sugardaddies of the world the most amount of grief. It is also for this reason that you will almost always find that the affluent Sugar daddy is accompanied by exceptionally attractive women or reasonably plain women. It has been said that the average woman would rather have beauty than brains, this is mostly because the average man can see better than he can think!

Beautiful women know that they are extremely attractive and as such, can pretty much call their own shots when it comes to choosing a wealthy older man to spend time with. They know that if they are not getting what they want from this relationship, the next one is more than likely only a few days away. The plain woman, understands that she needs to try a bit harder to maintain the relationship, and most likely has some exceptional skills and abilities that make her desirable despite her average appearance. These two classifications of women usually make the Sugar daddy very happy, and as such he has a wonderful existence and the state of the relationship is usually under his control.

The slightly better than average looking woman is someone that is considered pretty, but needs to work hard at it. She is the one who relies completely on expensive clothing, manicures and attitude to set herself apart from the hordes of moderately attractive single females. She can easily be picked out of a crowd, not because of her appearance, but because she will always be the one with the shrill voice screaming the words “I want” or “I need”. She is the one you have seen at a restaurant scolding the waiter for not bringing her a menu fast enough. Much of this attitude comes from a childhood of getting everything she wanted but grew up not deserving what she did receive. It is the gentlemen who represent themselves to be Sugardaddies, but are on the low end of the financial scale who will tolerate such women. A true Sugar daddy will dismiss this individual after the first date. Remember men, money cannot buy love, but it can rent a damn close imitation!


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  1. I love the hot chick pics…no way I would take on a sugarbaby if she was not all that…no sense in that…but its no secret the hotter the chick the higher the price…figuratively speaking..Zman sends

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