Cigarettes, Pizza and Sugar babes


In my younger days I was fortunate enough to be a local star athlete and not too shabby looking either. Because of my looks and my physique, I had some friends that were well known in entertainment industry. These gentlemen seemed to never be without a gorgeous woman on their side and on occasionally it was a well known film star. These were not Sugardaddies, but simply “womanizers”, however some of the lessons they taught me before ‘my ship came in” still apply today. My friend Gary, who was among the best looking of the group and was a featured dancer at “Chippendales” in New York City, told me that whenever you leave the house or are out in public, whether its to get a pack of cigarettes, a slice of pizza or anything else, the primary task is to meet attractive women, every thing else is secondary to this prime directive.

I’ve thought about this much in the past 20 years since I had last seen many of these people and although my love and respect for the fairer sex is still light years beyond that of the old womanizing crew, many of what they had said still holds true today. Think about it, no matter what your socio-economic status is, and no matter whether you look like George Clooney or Curious George, your radar is in perpetual targeting mode for pretty women. The average “Joe” may not have the same chance as the Pretty Boy or the millionaire but the objectives are still the same; seek out attractive women!

How many times have you watched a film or a television show and seen two of the stars meet in either a Laundromat or the frozen foods section of the local supermarket? Harry would never have met Sally if it weren’t for the need to get a ride to the city. We all think that most relationships begin in some swanky night club or restaurant, but the truth is that after the Internet, the majority of relationships begin as chance encounters during an average day. So next time you need to run out for that slice of pizza or a pack of cigarettes, you might think about a splash of cologne and combing your hair, because the woman of your dreams might be just ahead of you in line!

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