The Sugar daddy Holiday message


OK, Sugardaddies and Sugarbabes, here is my first annual Christmas post for this blog. We very often seem to forget the meaning of the Holidays, so whether you are celebrating Christmas or Hanukah or Festivus for that matter, it pretty much all comes down to one thing, “Be nice to each other.” For the most part, it truly does not matter whether or not you are a man or woman, whether you met on an online dating site or at the local “Mickey D’s” fast food restaurant, the bottom line is, this time of the year is to assist others, and help them achieve a better life for them and their families. If you think about this a bit closely it sounds a lot like what a Sugar daddy does year round!

So often, when I am dating a Sugar baby, she brings with her an assortment of personal issues that seem to be weighing her down. These can merely be the inability to pay the electric bill, or a loved one who may need some medical assistance. in the majority of cases I am more than happy to help out in any way I can, as everyone at some point in their lives can use that added help. As a Sugar daddy, I realize that there will always be those less fortunate than myself, just as there will be those who have achieved substantially more than me. We can all help out in some way, so whether it is by donating a little bit to a worthy charity or when you see that strange man dressed in a very colorful velvet suit on some street corner, waving his arms and ringing a bell, NO! I do not mean ‘Guido, the killer pimp” I am talking about Santa Claus collecting for charity; give what you can as we can all use a Secret Santa or Sugardaddy at some point in these trying times. With that said, this is your Sugar daddy, wishing a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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  1. bellaisabella15

    Interesting blog. Will love to read more.

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