Me and Hef understand


Some times I just don’t get it. I date a woman who seems to be funny, intelligent, and pretty and all those things that we as men view as important in a relationship. We go on one or two dates and the next thing you know she is picking out china patterns and thinking of names for our children. Now this is not to say that you can’t develop the foundation for a relationship in a short period of time, but lately some of the women I meet, especially on the online dating sites seem to have a ‘just add water’ and voila!, instant relationship mentality. To be honest, this kind of freaks me out a bit. As a Sugar daddy, I am all about a mutually beneficial relationships and taking care of those I am fond of, but there are lots of women I am fond of, and unless I am deeply religious and living in a commune in Utah, I don’t plan on moving in and playing house with all of them.

Hugh Hefner has it about right; this figure head of Playboy for the past several decades is perfect at getting his women to understand the concept of the Sugar daddy. Lets look at his ‘Girls Next Door’ as they are more commonly known. He looks after them, gives them projects to work on supports them, but at no point does he tell them they will be together until death do us part! They understand that at some point they will more than likely be moving on and others will assume their…ummm…positions? So my point is that, he is always honest with his lovely ladies and they are in turn honest with him. I too am honest with all the women I date. I at no time say this is an exclusive relationship unless it has become one, and after only one or two dates, I can assure you it is not happening in the foreseeable future. A friend told me that it is normal for a woman who has been treated poorly in the past to grab hold of a wealthy man who treats her with kindness and dignity, when all she has known in the past is attitude and deceit. So why should I have to pay the price for another’s failures, if I brought home every puppy I fed on the street I would have to have a place like the Hef’s mansion to hold them all.


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  1. Dude…I agree with you on most things..I dont know about comparing yourself to Hef…gotta tell ya I think he is in a class all his own..lets examine

    1. He brought hot naked famous women to the masses

    2. He is cool and has wide appeal of all races..genders etc

    3. He is like a modern day James Bond…

    You are cool but Hef like..dont know…

    You are still the coolest though…and your muscle car analogy is right on the money…Zman sends

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