What Do Women Look For In Men


Women are a bit more enigmatic. While women look for certain attributes in their date, it seems their requirements change with their moods or circumstances. I have a friend who always said she would only date men at least two inches taller than her; well, lo and behold, she got talking to someone at a bar one night and they got along great. They talked for hours and hours. Upon leaving, when they both hopped off their bar stools, it was only then that she realized he was just a hair shorter than her. She had such a fabulous time getting to know this terrific new person that all of a sudden her longstanding ‘requirement’ was out the door.

They are now dating and she is happier than ever. So to say women have steady “types” of men they are attracted to and will date may be incorrect. When it comes right down to it, they want someone warm and compassionate; someone who will listen to them as well as give their own views and opinions and contribute to the discussion. They do not generally seek out introverted men; those that are smiling and gregarious are preferred. So no matter if you are a man or a woman, it seems the biggest things both sexes look for in a date boil down to personality and attitude.



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3 responses to “What Do Women Look For In Men

  1. Personality is usually the code word for fat chick. Hahahha You are the “CHARLIE HARPER” of dating giving the personality line. Ok well stranger things have happened..just promise you will bed down a hot chick to make up for this post…Zman sends

  2. heavnonerth

    Hello sugardaddy. I recently came across your blog. I must say that it is highly entertaining, informative, and hilarious. I think you hit it on the nose with what women look for. I would like to say that there is a certain type that I look for. But long and behold it DOES depend on my mood and day. I have also learned to never say what type I wouldn’t date. That is like the kiss of death.

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