What Do Men Look For In Women


I decided the other day over lunch with a newly-single friend, that making the transition from a committed relationship back to singledom is a very difficult thing, depending on how long you’ve been out of the singles scene, of course. In this particular case, my friend had been with his girlfriend for three years and really thought she was “the One”. Sad that it didn’t work out, but now I, as his buddy, am obligated through unspoken ‘man law’ to step in and help him regain some confidence and get him back in the game. I realized that telling him to “walk it off” was probably not a good response here, although it has served me well on the athletic field many times over. So I decided to smoothly segue into a routine question and try to pick his brain to gauge where he was at… “What do you suppose women look for in a date?” I asked him. He said he didn’t know anymore; he’d been out of things for so long he hadn’t a clue and said he was hoping I could tell him, being I’ve been a lifelong bachelor. So we started brainstorming.

We know that men look for someone that is attractive (that’s the first impression that catches our eyes first, sorry ladies..), personable, can carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation; she doesn’t have to know who won last year’s Heisman, but she should be somewhat educated and not only willing to talk, but to listen too. Nice eyes and legs don’t hurt. But when guys look a girl as being a potential date, they really think about whether this woman is just temporary eye candy, or if she is someone he would enjoy having a nice evening out with. Personality counts for a lot and some seem to really click while others totally miss the mark. But that’s okay; it’s said that there’s someone for everyone, so we don’t feel bad when we can be honest and admit that this girl is just not for us and move on.


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